Monday, October 3, 2016

Yeesh, but better

So Oren decided that waking up at 5am was a great idea. Pfft, I turned off the monitor.
He's not sick anymore and he can get his little butt back to sleep. I turned it back on every once in a while to see if he was still awake or not.
I think Dh mjust have checked on him before he left for work bc Oren was freaking the f out. Off the monitor went again. He did eventually go back to sleep and woke at 8.
I know it's mean, but I am not entertaining 5am wakeups and that is not becoming a regular thing. He better be prepared to sit his little butt in his crib until I'm ready to get up lol.
Other than that though, he was great today. Hardly any whining and he responded to 'use your words' pretty well. He didn't really say much but he did point which worked lol.
Zoe came and laid down in here this morning. Poor girl got woken up by her brother. It was so sweet. She's not a cuddler, but she got close to me and wanted to hold my hand or just touch some part of me. my girl.

Only one driving me crazy today was Ezra lol. I swear, babies have the superpower of knowing exactly when you get up, even if they're fast asleep.
Every single dang time I got up to do anything, within a minute he would be crying like he was dying.
And the poor boy cat naps most of the day. In sure a lot,of that has to do with his loud siblings, but he should be used to it by now and be able to sleep through anything. I've purposefully been keeping him out in the living room while he sleeps so he gets used to all the noise, but I dunno. Maybe I should start putting him in the bassinet where it's more quiet.
Anyway, just a bit frustrating when I'm trying to get anything done and he starts wailing. Hate hearing him cry, but just can't help it sometimes.

Things are good though. Have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow. Really hoping to get this ugly mole removed and maybe get some info on how to lighten my dark armpits. Think that's going to be too expensive to do anything about right now, but we'll see what happens.

And bonus photos while I wait to lay down to make sure Ezra is actually asleep. Also baby superpower... waiting for you to get comfy and them BAM! Start fussing lol.

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