Friday, October 28, 2016

WHy won't you sleeeeeeep??

I am getting mentally beaten by an almost 3mo! I was SO drained yesterday that I actually started getting dizzy b/c I just couldn't rest for the majority of the day.
His constant crying when trying to get him to sleep is just draining me.
It's so frustrating b/c I can't do anything other than let him cry until he's ready to take his pacifier and calm down. Every attempt to calm him... whether if it's holding him, swaddling him, trying to burp him.. whatever... does nothing :(
When he's in a good mood.. he's nothing but smiles and he loves being stood up and looking around at everything.. it's just when he's tired.
Feel so bad b/c he just looks at me while he's crying and I just feel so helpless b/c nothing I'm doing is helping.

In other better news.. my supply seems to have finally gotten back to what it was before I got sick. Really surprised since I'm pumping one less than I was before. Just hope this keeps up.Would love for my boobs to produce more, but ya know.... gotta deal with what you're given.

Oh boy... I had some HORRIBLE gas last night for some reason. I mean it stunk and there was a lot of it.
At one point, I was on my right side laying in bed. Tried rolling over and pain. Absolute pain b/c of the gas. I don't think I've ever felt that before. When I finally did roll... LOUD LONG fart! lol
Thank goodness DH slept through all of it b/c... damn....

And yeah.. I'll stop this post with that... :P rofl

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