Thursday, October 20, 2016

Keep on truckin

Sorry that I'm not posting much. There really isn't much to post about lately. Just normal day to day things going on in this household lol.

So I did clean up the living room and sunroom this past weekend. Looked so nice and decluttered and yep.... it's a big mess again. Not AS bad, but still a mess. I can't wait until Oren is old enough to understand to put away toys. He'll do it sometimes now but will then take it right back out and drop it on the floor :\

Things are pretty good. Probiotic vitamins for Oren isn't helping with his loose poop. Really need to mention it to his ped next time he goes. This isn't normal. He must have more food sensitivities that we're not aware of that keeps causing it. It's not dairy as far as I can tell b/c he rarely gets anything dairy.
His poor butt just keeps getting rash after rash b/c his poops are so bad and if not changed RIGHT after he does it, it irritates his skin.
Think he's getting a cold too. His nose has been runny for the last couple of days. Which means we'll all be sick soon too. SIGH

Ezra is doing well. Eating lots more now and just being a newborn lol. He's such a smiley baby when he's in a good mood. Zoe and Oren were too, but only to me and DH. Ez smiles at everyone and they all love it heh. I love that he's vocalizing more now too. It's so cute hearing his little coos. So can't wait for him to do it more :)

Zoe is good. She's in a phase of coming and getting in to bed with us in the night or early morning. I don't mind if Dh is up and getting ready, but it's a bit annoying when she does it in the middle of the night lol. I or DH usually wakes up and put her back in her room, but last night... last night she must've went in to super ninja mode b/c neither of us knew she was in bed with us rofl. I just happened to roll over b/c my ear was bothering me and felt hair on the pillow where there shouldn't have been any lol.
If any of you have slept in the same bed as a child or remembered how you were... you can imagine what it was like with her in bed with us. She's SUCH a crazy sleeper and moves so much. I'm lucky if I end up falling asleep b/c all of the jabs and kicks and arms and legs all over me makes that real difficult.

We'll be going to Boo at the Zoo on Monday :D YAY!! Just going to put Oren in his Stitch thing that we already have. Want to try to find him some monster shoes to wear with it, but meh if we can't. And Ez will just be going in a little monster (or it might be bats.. can't remember which one we have) hoodie thing that Zoe wore. They'll all be cute and Zoe and Oren will have a good time. At least I hope they will heh. It should be nice and cool then too so putting them in warm costumes shouldn't be a problem :D

Ez is fussing and demanding to be held.... gotta cut this short.

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