Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Driving me crazy crazy crazy!!

Ez's sleep fighting is driving me up the wall. I hate hearing him scream and cry and carry on when he's tired but refuses to go to sleep!

And I cleaned up the living room yesterday. Didnt want it to get as bad as it was before and just needed to nip the mess in the bud.
Today.... you can't even tell I cleaned other than there aren't small pieces of candy and paper everywhere.... -_- .......

Zoe isn't the bad one.. it's the other more destructive tornado named Oren. Plus he doesn't understand completely that he needs to pick up after himself. He'll pick up one thing.. and then will get distracted. So if I tell Zoe to pick up, it's mostly not even her mess and it makes me feel bad that she's having to pick up stuff that she didn't take out.

UGH..... the life of young kids. I imagine older kids aren't any better. They just come with a new set of headaches lol.

DH's poker game got cancelled. Someone that was supposed to come flaked out at the last minute so he could hang out with different friends..... seriously dude? Asshole...
Oh well....
We still didn't do anything special. Lol... meh..

UGH... DH and his wanting sex. Yes, I get it. We haven't had a lot of sex recently, but I am frickin tired almost ALL the time and I have absolutely NO libido b/c of it. Excuse me if I'd rather sleep than have sex. He got upset with me last night b/c I didn't want to do it on our anniversary. Meh... Sex is just not on my mind anymore. Ya know what is?? SLEEEEEEEP
He can get mad at me all he wants... still doesn't mean I'm gonna put out. He's a grown ass man. Go jerk it like every other guy and leave me alone! Stop asking me for sex. Stop joking about sex... just stop!
And just b/c I don't want sex ddoesn't mean I love him any less. I do not associate sex with love. I love him just as much as I always have.... I just dont want to have sex right now.
Just feels like that's how he thinks sometimes. That me not wanting to DTD means that I'm not in love any longer and that is so far from the truth.

Zoe's Awana church thing is cancelled tonight too. She was looking forward to dressing up in her costume again, but unfortunately someone from the church passed away so they're using the church for some kind of service for the person.
Asked Zoe if she knew what it meant when someone dies. Tried explaining it to her in a way she could understand but don't think she really gets it just yet.

Made a quick little 'fort' for the kids last night lol. Put out one of the folding tables w/ a sheet over it. Then put their play door thing in front of it. They got a kick out of it for a minute. It's a bit dark under it so they haven't spent much time in it. The cat likes it :P lol
I think if I used something lighter that lets in more light, they'd play under it more. We might have some lighter colored sheets. Will have to check in a minute heh.

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