Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Driving me crazy!!!

Holy crap... I can not eat in peace if Oren is awake. The child is worse than a dog with his begging b/c he'll start throwing his little baby tantrum and grabbing at my food.
I've been eating a lot of spicy food lately and I can't feed him most of it so I try to have some kind of baby friendly option nearby, but he's starting to figure it out lol.
It's SO flipping annoying though. I want to eat in peace!

And holy crap do I want to eat and eat everything!! I want savory and spicy most of the time. Pretty sure I've gained a few pounds already. I'm the heaviest I've been in a long time and that sucks.
We're going back strict again when DH goes back to work. That's fine with me w/ my cravings right now.

Still can't believe my first appointment is still 2 weeks away. TWO! Geeze. I think they underestimated how far along I am. We'll see though. Just hope everything is ok.

Lets see... I'm still tired, morning sickness hasn't been too bad. Still just gagging and some nausea. My face is breaking out a bit more. My appetite has increased a considerable amount. I think that's about it. Nothing much going on really.

Ok this may make me sound terrible, but ..... even though I wanted another.... now that I'm unexpectedly pregnant with the 3rd... I'm not very excited about it.
Ok so there is some excitement...and of course I'm gonna love this baby as much as Zoe & Oren, but the thought of having another..... just kinda makes me more tired lol. I guess that fantasy we all have when we're first pregnant has finally worn off for me. I know what having another is gonna be like.... and with all 3 kids so young....... just.... ugh lol. I'm tired just thinking about it.
Don't get me wrong though, I want this baby.
We've been talking about names and I think we've 90% settled on Ezra if it's a boy. Girl name is still up in the air. I do like Penelope still, but it's too long. We both agreed that the name should be shorter since we have a longish last name.
I looked up some short names and saw Paige and mentioned it to DH and he kinda liked it. I like it too. I also liked Joy, but he wasn't too fond of it. Oh well.
Still a long time before we have to make a decision so it's not like there's a rush.
I'm gonna have to wear some seriously baggy clothes though b/c my stomach has already grown. Mostly b/c of everything I'm shoveling in my mouth though, but it's definitely bigger than before. Need to hide this until DH is ready to share the news.

I think we both want a minivan. At least I do. We just don't want another car payment since we got that one from my mom recently. I keep mentioning trade in to DH but we both don't know how all of that works. Will have to look in to it.

Zoe is also driving me crazy with her little attitude. She's now getting in to lying. Yeah.....
I dunno if it's true lying or just her imagination type of thing, but it's really annoying.
Plus her talking back has gotten so much worse now. There are going to be a lot of pops to her little behind in her future.

And we're pretty sure Oren is going to be a hitter and a biter when he gets bigger too. He already does both things, but of course doesn't understand yet. That's gonna be fun to deal with.... NOT.

Anyway... I've forgotten what else I wanted to mention.
As soon as I mentioned being tired up above.... Ive been quickly getting more and more tired lol.

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