Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When was the last time?

I can't even remember the last time I posted. Sorry for the few who still pop in every once in a while lol.

We're letting Zoe watch videos on the laptop b/c little Miss Butterfingers dropped my kindle on the kitchen floor and it totally shattered the screen. Can't touch it without fear of it cutting you :\
So yeah.... we're not letting her touch DH's tablet. It was bound to happen, still sucks though. We need a kid friendly case for these things. Lesson learned.
And yeah... I blog on here since the wireless keyboard for my PC is a POS. First time I've been able to get on... or well... first time when I got on and wasn't binge watching something.

SiL and my brother got HBONow and shared their pw with us. WOO! We have 2 seasons of GoT to catch up on. Only have a few more episodes left to be caught up and glad we'll be able to see it when it comes out too. I've had everything pretty much spoiled for me already so meh. Hard to stay away from spoilers when it's for something a year or more old lol.

I threw up the other day. I ate a ramen on Sunday for breakfast. Absolutely no warning that I was going to be sick before I could feel it coming up. Threw up half of it. Yuck. Also got that gawd awful feeling when I wretched where it felt like every nerve in my body was on fire. It doesn't happen every time thank goodness, but on a particularly strong heave it does.

Symptoms have been pretty mild though. I haven't been sleeping that well. Just can't get and stay comfortable, but don't think that's pregnancy related. Just shitty sleep.
Morning sickness seems to have let up just a little. I do get nauseated if I don't eat or if I eat too much, but it's been pretty mild. No constant gagging or anything. SO yeah... I can't complain too much.
It does have me a little worried to be honest. I just want the appointment to get here already.

Oren and Zoe are good. Both have a cold AGAIN. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be as bad as the ones before it. And I try to avoid being coughed in the face, but with kids this young, that's almost impossible lol.

Oren hasn't stood/walked on his own yet. He likes cruising, but still hasn't built up the courage or confidence or whatever to try walking. That is totally fine with me. His appointment is on Monday. Can't wait to see how much he weighs. :D Poor guy is probably going to get a few vaccinations though. Not gonna be fun.

Zoe is well. My munchkin keeps getting bigger with a bigger attitude lol. She is a good kid though. She's not perfect obviously, but we lucked out with her ;) lol I think Oren is going to be a much bigger handful than she was/is.
She's good though... just wish she would stop being such a picky eater though. Girl is tiny b/c she doesn't want real food. I can't starve the girl so I just end up giving her the best option we have. She does like apples and broccoli, so there's that at least lol.

Binge watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix right now. Really good show but dang... the main character is really hard to like. Just the constant lying is just... UGH.
I don't understand how people can get addicted to Percocet(sp?). I hated the way it knocked me out. I don't see how people can take it and be like "Ooo yeah.. I like getting all woozy and getting knocked out and not being able to do shit." Just no. It took away the pain so yay, but ugh.. just the way it made me feel was not pleasant IMO.

Anywho... I've been rambling long enough. I doubt I'll have much to report on before my appointment so I'll probably be back next Tuesday. Maybe sooner if I feel like babbling :D

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