Wednesday, December 2, 2015

That went better than expected

Told DH over text the news. Took a photo of the test with my phone (line showed up better on it than it did on the better quality camera.. wth)...
And sent him a text.
I'm sure he was freaking out a bit at work.
He was just surprised that I got pregnant when we weren't trying and asked what changed. I guess having some babies and sticking with the 2k metformin has helped a lot.
Then he joked that I'm getting my tubes tied :P Heck, I'm all on board with that now. 3 is what I wanted, 3 is what I'm gonna get (well... maybe more if it's multiples but yeah.. NOT even going there right now lol).... so we are going to be done done done.
And since I'll be getting a c-sec anyway, might as well get it done then. It's kinda sad to think about and MAYBE if we were younger we'd consider more kids, but no... not now. 3 is a good number *nodnod* lol

He also joked that he was never going to be able to retire, especially if we ever wanted to go to Disney lol.
Yeah, he knows he's probably never gonna be able to retire anyway. Not with how prices for everything just keep increasing but most wages (especially his) don't.

So yeah, he was shocked and in disbelief, but he took it well.

Figured out that this is probably going to be another August baby. Thinking about that makes my heart skip a beat. Heck, thinking about another makes my heart skip a beat.
Shows you how prepared I was... I've taken a vitamin once, maybe twice since Oren was born. Need to get back on that... yikes.

Ok gotta cut this short. Oren is being a bit needy and trying to eat my knees lol.

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