Monday, December 7, 2015


So I called the doctor's office this morning and of course got asked what my LMP was. Then I said my cycles are irregular which I guess starts sirens going off at the office or something b/c the receptionist got all flustered and said I needed to talk to someone else. Then she comes back and said that since I have irregular cycles, I have to get a beta done to determine about how far along I am.
She didn't normally work in that area so didn't know what to do.... sent me to the wrong voice mail to the wrong doctor so I had to hang up and call back lol.
THEN the nurse that called me back said that usually since I did know my LMP they didn't do betas, but after I explained that my cycles are irregular and this one was long, she said it was ok to come in for a beta and I went in with the kiddos and got that done.
Should hear back from them tomorrow from what I was told. Really curious to know what the number is. Hope it's nice, high and normal. No idea what DPO I am. Maybe 18? 19? 17? No flippin idea.

Oren is sick again. DOn't think he ever got a break from this cold and the one he had before. Poor guy. Sounds like some chest congestion and runny nose.
DUnno if it's that causing him to wake up at night or sleep regression, but the boy is getting on my nerves! So bad to say but it's SO frustrating b/c he keeps waking up and crying b/c the pacifier dropped out of his mouth. I'm doing some CIO today (right now actually). I just can't do another night of him waking up after 30mins of sleep. I already have enough trouble getting to sleep on my own.... and I'm either still trying to get back to sleep or just dosing off when he wakes up again.
He's got to learn how to self soothe and that he can find the pacifier on his own and put it back in his mouth.
I hate hearing him cry, but something has got to give.

He's ok when he's awake. Still in super clingy mode but good. He's just starting to move when he's pulled himself up. Only just a little though.
He's babbling a lot which I just love. It's so darn cute!

Zoe is good. Threenager is still kickin my ass with the tantrums and tude. Good grief....
Take for instance in the waiting room at the doctor's office today. I was letting her play on my phone to keep her quiet and entertained. I was asking her some questions about what she was playing and then....
"Don't talk to me."

Didn't look up, didn't stop what she was doing...... lol Crazy drama queen.

We put up Christmas decorations on Sunday. YAY! (I'll post pics later).
Zoe had so much fun seeing it all go up and then touching all the ornaments she could reach lol.
But she keeps making herself sad by saying that Christmas is over. o_O

No symptoms to speak of. Not surprised by that. Didn't really have early symptoms with the other 2. If I move wrong or too quick while laying down, I'll get that sharp pain down low, but that's not happening often at all.

DH mentioned yesterday if I wanted to find out or wait.
Uhm... if I could know the sex now... I would. He joked about wanting to wait and I dunno.... I think he really does.
We do have 1 of both and that surprise when they're born would be amazing, but I am SO impatient when it comes to this.
I'll seriously consider it if he's wanting to wait, but... man... I dunno if I can do it. I really like the idea of doing it, but just thinking about doing it is making me stressed out lol.

We also got on the topic of names lol. Yeah, we're jumping WAY ahead here heh. I think I mentioned something about finding out and finalizing a name or something which led to this convo.
Anyway.... I still really like Penelope and Ezra, but am totally open to changes if he comes up with something else that we both like.
Anyway, it was a sweet conversation to have with him though. Lots of joking around and laughing :)

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Shari said...

Oh the threenager stage!!! 4 isn't much better, just a bit less whining. I hope the beta is nice and high for you!

My plan was never to find out if we had another one. Even though we have 2 girls, I wanted the last to be a surprise. If I had known, that the future wasn't going to hold anymore for us, I would have definitely went with the surprise.