Sunday, December 20, 2015

No more coughing please!

Ok, this cough needs to go away already. I have that wall of mucus stuck in the back of my throat that is making me constantly cough and gag. I'm coughing so much that I'm constantly peeing myself and my chest, abs, sides are aching b/c of the coughing.
I better not get Oren sick again with this. Poor guy took forever to get over this cold.
Zoe is almost over hers though thankfully.

Ok... something is seriously wrong with my nephew. He's 2yo and just.... super anti-social. Like seriously anti-social to the point of freaking the F out around people he doesn't know.
I mostly blame it on his parents b/c they never take their kids anywhere. Never expose him to anyone else ya know. I love my SiL and she's so sweet, but I dunno WTF her problem is with not getting her license. If she would just go get it, she could take her kids places and not be so reliant on my lazy ass brother. She knows how to drive... she's a good driver, but for some damn reason, she won't get her license. It's frickin frustrating.

So I went over to my mom's this afternoon. She's not planning on being here this Christmas and wanted to give us money to get the kids something for her.
So I'm over there with Zoe and Oren and my brother shows up with his boy. I open the door and the kid instantly starts freaking out. My brother pushes him in and he starts SCREAMING and banging his head against the door.
My brother kind of pushes him in more but the boy is still just totally having a meltdown and again.. full on starts to run and bang head first in to the door. Not lightly, but full force with his head. WTF?
That shit can't be normal can it?
I could see if he did it by accident, but he was doing it on purpose and HARD. If my brother hadn't stopped him, I have no doubt that he would've knocked himself out. That's how hard he was hitting his head on the door.
I dunno... just something is not right here. Obviously he needs to be socialized a lot more but the tantrum he pulled today was extremely worrying.

On a lighter note... have most of the presents wrapped :D DH just needs to wrap the bigger ones b/c I don't want to and we're good to go lol.
We're leaving a few of Zoe's unwrapped that we'll just bring out on Christmas.
So excited for her. Really hope she likes what she gets :)
This will be the first year where she's really understood what is going on and is excited. Shopping for kids on Christmas is so much dang fun!!!
You get to experience that wonder and excitement again through them. It's awesome!

We got to see Star Wars on Friday morning! YAY! Dropped Oren off with MiL and DH, Zoe and myself went to the 9am showing :D Lots of people there in their Star Wars shirts (us included).
It was a great fun movie. It kept Zoe's attention for about half of it lol. She was good overall though. Kept quiet even when she got bored lol.

I think that's been it so far.
Oh I told my mom the news. I had to. I was dying to tell someone else. Heck, I would tell everyone, but DH wants to wait :\
I would say we could tell his mom, but his mom really loves to gossip and can't keep a secret to save her life lol.
I think DH wants to wait until Oren's birthday to share the news... pretty much exactly how I was thinking we could... (having him in a Big Brother shirt).
Man..... Can't believe Oren is going to be 1 in just a few months.
Time sure does fly by.

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