Thursday, December 17, 2015

Results of 3rd beta

Just got a call back for the beta and result was 6800. It was 6800smething but the phone kind of cut out for a sec while she was saying it.
So... YAY :)
She transferred me to setup my appointment but no one answered so left a message. Will probably call back in just a second though.

*hours later*

Aw crap. I thought I had posted this and I didn't. Crapola... Sorry everyone for making you wait!

I ended up calling not too long after I thought I had posted and my first appointment is Jan 12th at 1:30 :)
I think by then I'm going to be past the gummy bear stage and in to tiny baby one lol. Gummy bear stage is so darn cute too ;) hehe

FX everything remains to be just fine!

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