Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bored before bed

It's 11:13 and I need to get to bed but I'm wired on caffeine right now. Grocery store had a sale on Dr Pepper and I wanted some!!! On my third one right now. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......*twitch*

Lol seriously though.. it is going to keep me up for at least a little while longer. Doesn't help that it's warm in here and sleeping in warm weather sucks balls.

I have definitely caught my kids' colds. Started coughing more today. Just a dullish tickle in the back of my throat. Sigh.... Going to have to be strict about them smooches. Can't keep passing around these darn colds over and over again.

Took kids to see Santa today :D They were both so cute in their elf outfits. Too bad it was warm out and their outfits were thick so couldn't keep them in it for long.
Zoe smiled for maybe 2 seconds and then wouldn't smile again. She got all shy. And of course Oren wasn't smiling. He's in the "Who the hell are you?" phase right now, but did pull Santa's beard which was cute. Wish we could've picked more than one photo b/c I would've liked that one too, but we picked the very first one where Zoe is kinda smiling and Oren is looking forward. The rest were either just her looking off or him looking off. SIGH lol The Santa was really photogenic though lol.

Don't think I have symptoms yet.
I'm so skeptical... I've been kind of lurking in the August DD group and they have a symptoms thread up and all I can think of when they post their symptoms is "mm hm.... bullshit." I'm such a bitch lol.

I do think I'm having a spicy food craving maybe. And MAYBE hungrier than normal, but not sure if that one is more psychological than pregnancy :P
"Oh I'm pregnant now... that means I should be more hungry." And then thinking about food makes me hungry so.... yeah... I dunno... just overanalyzing things as usual.

I am getting that sharp pain in the uterus area when I twist/turn wrong or too quick when laying down more often now. It still doesn't happen a lot, but more than it was.
That's about it though. Nothing special going on yet.

Oh and I don't think I'll really participate in the new DD group. There are just too many woo believing women in it patting themselves on the back for going med free and pushing the baby out of their vaginas for my liking. Just way WAY too much emphasis on the whole natural thing to the point of it being NCB fantatic.
Plus there's one that is proud of the fact that she's had 3 unassisted pregnancies AND homebirths. I don't like homebirth as I've made pretty clear before, but at least get yourself a qualified midwife (CNM) to be there just in case.
She's also mentioned that she's supposedly had 11 m/c and NOW has finally found a m/w that she likes. No.. more like she finally found one that is stupidly willing to take on someone that clearly NEEDS to be in the hospital giving birth b/c she's high risk.
This woman has also mentioned loving labor, being addicted to it, and viewing it like it's her hobby. Just... no... no.
And then having women calling her super mom b/c of her stupid ass choices. Again.. just no.
I can't be active in this group b/c I don't think my eyes could stand to roll that much.
I'll lurk some and maybe post every once in a while, but it won't be like the 3 I'm already in.
At least the crunchies in those groups are crunch-lite :P They're crunchy but don't feel the need to advertise it ALL the time and remind people about it b/c they're not attention whores.

Ok so that rant was longer than expected.

Had something else I had wanted to mention but I can't remember. Think that's going to be a pretty common theme this pregnancy. The pregnancy brain is going to hit HARD b/c I'm already exhausted from my 2 kiddos lol

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