Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mmm... homemade donuts

Yeah, we're not bothering being good with diet for now. Waiting until probably the new year before we start eating healthy again.
But mmmmm fresh made donuts at home. YUM! Really easy recipe too..


I did half the batch in the sugar/cin mixture and then the other in powdered sugar. I like the powdered sugar better. Just not a fan of that sugar crystal crunch... bleh.

Oren is getting sick again. SIGH! It would be nice if we could stop getting eachother sick.
At least I think I got him sick again. It could've been his cousin when MiL watched him while we went to the movie. She did have a cold and I'm sure she got all up in his face like she normally does.

It could've been me though too. I've been trying not to give him kisses on his face, but I did forget a couple of times.
Oh well...hopefully it doesn't end up being a bad cold and he gets over it quick.

Speaking of cold.. or lack there of...
It's supposed to get up to frickin 80 on Christmas Eve and Christmas! WTF?
I know some people would love that, but no...not this girl. I want the cold weather back dangit! Plus it's been raining and it's going to be cloudy so it's not only going to be warm, but super humid too. BLEH!

Still coughing up a lung here. So gross and annoying. Just that wall of mucus that doesn't want to budge keeps irritating my throat. I haven't thrown up, but I have kind of gagged up a little mucus. Nope... doesn't come from the wall, it's just other stuff that is being forced out. :\

Actually kind of worried that I don't have any symptoms yet. That nausea and gagging before must've been just from the cold/coughing b/c I haven't really had it since then. Well no, that's not true. I do sometimes get nauseous if I haven't eaten anything in a while, but that's been it really other than the coughing stuff.
I know I shouldn't worry. I think it took a while to get symptoms with my other 2. Plenty of time to get morning sickness and whatnot.

OH... I have been exhausted. Going to bed earlier and getting to sleep much much faster than I normally do. That's actually been pretty nice to actually get a good deep sleep in and falling asleep faster.

Anywho... time to get the Zoenator to bed :)

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