Friday, December 11, 2015

Crap! I Forgot!

Sorry everyone! I totally forgot to post yesterday with the results. They didn't call until 2:30 and I was stressed out the entire time waiting for the call.

My hcg level came back 782 :D
Put it in a beta doubling calculator thing and it says it's a doubling time of about 50 hours. That's normal I think. Doubling averages between 2 days to... something. I don't remember.
I have to go back in on Wednesday for ANOTHER beta though. WTH? Not sure why the doctor is wanting me to come in again and not just scheduling my appointment already. I mean damn... someone with a regular cycle more than likely wouldn't have a number that high when they first get a positive and call it in would they?
Anyway... just hope the next number is nice and high and they'll finally schedule the appointment. Really want to see the peanut or maybe the gummi bear depending on when I get in heh.
DH is off the week after Christmas so hoping to get in then.
FX all goes well.

I think the lady that took my blood last time thinks I'm some kind of drug addict or something.
I have very hard to find veins in my arms... and there's one spot on my left arm that is super easy to get blood from so that's where I usually point the tech person to to draw blood. I'm not a needle phobe or anything but do not like being stuck more than once.
So I point her to that spot and there's a little scar there and she asks if I had blood drawn.
Uhm... yeah.........
I'm sure she saw my blue/green hair and just assumed some bad shit too.
Then... I'm sure I didn't help anything when Zoe wanted to watch and when the blood started to go in to the vial, I said... "That's cool huh?"
I was just trying to make Zoe not scared of needles, but as soon as I said it I just kind of cringed to myself at how weird that probably just sounded.
Sigh again........

Speaking of my hair.... the color is taking FOREVER to fade! I haven't been doing anything special to fade it, just shampooing like normal. It's taken out a lot of color and it looks royally jacked up and gross right now, but there is still SO much pigment left.
Pravana blue and green are no dang joke. They're semi-permanent colors and they are worth the money b/c they're lasting for forever!!

I know I can dye my hair again w/ a funky color, but not sure about bleaching. Will have to ask whichever doc I end up seeing about it. I wanted to bleach my hair one more time... maybe my roots too but mostly just the length.

Both kids are sick again. Just colds, but still. Well, I think Oren is slowly getting over his cold while Zoe is getting another one.
She thinks it's the end of the world when her nose runs. You would think the way she carries on about it that it's going to kill her to have boogers. SO dramatic! lol

They're both doing great though.
Oren is worse than a dog when it comes to begging for food lol. And him begging is making the dogs think it's ok for them to stat begging again too. It's pretty funny looking down to see your baby and your dogs all giving you puppy eyes lol.

Oren is loving him some solid foods though. Got him those little yogurt crisp things for babies and he loves though.... so does Zoe.
Need to get more :)

And letting him CIO that one day seems to have fixed whatever problem he was having. If he wakes up crying, he'll only do it for a few seconds before falling back to sleep. No more wailing like the roof is caving in thank goodness.

Zoe is good. She's starting to get a little more stingy with her toys when Oren goes for them. Oh well. Knew it was going to happen heh. Not a huge deal really b/c she still adores him.
She's my little munchkin though. Love my Zoe. I just need to get off my lazy ass and start teaching her things though.
Maybe next year we'll put her in to preschool.

One of the cat's back paws is getting puffy again. NOOOOOOOO
Noticed that he hadn't moved from the loveseat all day. Didn't think too much of it, but then when he did finally move and went to jump back on it, he couldn't jump and more or less just clawed his way up the leather couch. Yeah... there are nice big scratches in it now... awesome.
DH thinks that maybe the bad litter that he used caused some irritation. DOn't know why the hell DH used that shit. Didn't have any kind of odor control in it so as soon as the cat used it, the whole room smelled like cat piss.
But yeah... it probably did irritate is toebeans. DUnno if the swelling is going to go back down or if we're going to be faced with another $700 vet bill to get surgery on his feet again.

EDIT: Sorry for all the typos and whatnot. Don't feel like fixing anything :P

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