Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Day after Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great holiday :)

Zoe of course made out like a bandit. Just so... much..... stuff.
This 3rd child is going to get nothing but 2nd hand stuff. There's just not going to be any need to buy anything ever until they're much older and actually need their own stuff. Hey whatever... that's the life they'll know so they'll be ok with it :D

Oren got a couple of things. Not a lot. Really wasn't expecting much since he's just a baby.
DH went to Target Christmas Eve to spend the money my mom gave us to get the kids something. DH bought Oren some clothes and some trucks and stuff that Zoe likes playing with lol. Oren is just happy to play with all of Zoe's stuff. He follows her around everywhere. She's getting a bit more annoyed by him, but meh.. kinda figured it would happen heh.

It was a good Christmas though :) Spending the day at MiL's and just hanging out and talking with everyone.
I did experience some morning sickness though... like ALL day. At first I'm sure it started b/c I hadn't eaten, but I got nauseated after eating too. Had to hide or make excuses until the feeling passed.

Did get to see the 4D ultrasound photos that SiL got. She got some really cute face ones too. :D That baby is gonna be here in about a month, then they're gonna have to move just a couple weeks later. Yikes.

Getting distracted... oh small rant...
DH surprised me with a women's star wars shirt he saw on clearance when he went to Target. So sweet.... but the thing is.. the frickin shirt is SO damned thin. Like WTF is up with clothing companies thinking women want to have sheer shirts to show off their bras, OR want deep necklines to show off cleavage. Just... so GD frustrating. I just want a GD nerdy women's sized t-shirt. Is that too much to frickin ask? I don't want tiny sleeves. I don't want super thin fabric that shows everyone what color my bra is. I don't want the neckline deep to show off my boobs. Oh and please make the shirts longer than my waistline.

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