Tuesday, December 8, 2015

405...that's good right?

I really don't know how many dpo I am. Anywho, nurse called today and gave me my results. Said that I was early.... uhm... ok. I actually had to ask for the number and it was 405. I think that's good? I go back in tomorrow for a repeat. FX that the numbers rise like they should.
It would really help if I did know how far along I was. I think I was adding on a couple of days so I may only be 16? 17? dpo based on when I remember seeing some ewcm. I dunno though.....
See... this is what happens when you don't keep track of things! lol

I'll be back on Thursday with hopefully a good number to share :)


Shannon said...

if I remember from my RE, anything above 50 is pregnant. Congrats!!!!!!

Shari said...

Sounds like a really great number!!!