Saturday, December 5, 2015

Taking a break

.....from crocheting. Making a slouchy kind of hat for my secret santa and it's just such a SLOOOOOOOW pattern and it's making my eyes cross lol.

We went Christmas shopping today. Started early with grocery shopping and it was already busy out. We went out right before lunch which was just the wrong decision b/c everyone else was out then too. I don't mind shopping, but I HATE it when the store is crowded b/c it's like they're filled with the most inconsiderate A-holes who can't be bothered to move their cart out of the way or scoot just a little over so you can get by.
And of course we have to go to the Target toy section b/c we needed to get some stuff and those isles are extra narrow for some damn reason. Or at least they seem like it, especially with half the store in that section and DH taking forever to pick between which frickin Ninja Turtle to buy for his angel kid (one of his church's 'adoptive' families this year. They put paper angels on to a tree and you can pick however many off and buy what's on it.) The kid is 6 and loves TMNT.... he'll love all of it so just pick one so we can get out of here!! DOn't get me wrong... I love that we were buying toys for some kids to help give them a better Christmas, but DH was just taking SO damn long to just pick something out.

I was wanting to sneak in some pregnancy tests, but half way through, I just wanted to leave.
Heck, I barely wanted to go get our Christmas tree.
We did it though. We just got one from Home Depot. Hey... $40something for a 7-8ft tall tree aint too shabby and it's a purdy tree :D
They had just undone them so the branches haven't fully settled yet so we haven't decorated it just yet.
It smells so good in our living room though. LOVE that smell. We're going to put wrapping paper on the wall and will probably need to move the loveseat up some to make room for it lol. It's a pretty wide tree. OH and paper on the wall to protect it from the sap. The oh so lovely smelling sap.
So happy to get a real tree this year.
As for presents... they are NOT getting put under the tree until.... heck, probably not until Xmas Eve when Zoe goes to sleep lol. If we put them under there sooner, I guarantee, Zoe would mess with them and open them up.

She's spending the night with her cousin tonight. Lord help SiL and her husband.
They took the girls to a drive in to see The Good Dinosaur and Peanuts. Hope Zoe enjoyed it and behaved. She's going to be tired and grumpy as shit tomorrow.

Alrighty... break over. Need to crochet a little more then go to bed. MOmma be tired!

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