Thursday, December 24, 2015

Before I forget!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope everyone has a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate (or don't). Just hope everyone is doing well and being surrounded by love.

Before I forget again, here are some Christmas photos that I've been forgetting to post :)

Zoe posing with the Christmas tree. And then Oren not being so happy that I put him down to get a picture. Lol There are presents under it now and Zoe has been really good at not messing with them :D

The present DH made for Zoe's birthday last year that I've been meaning to post for a while. I want it to look a bit more kitcheny on the inside, but it's still pretty cool. The 'fridge' part was even painted using magnetic paint. Who knew that that was even a thing? It's not strong though so weak magnets don't stick to it very well.
 One half of the outside decorations. Other side has inflatable Santa a little reindeer and erm...... yeah.. some other stuff o_o...... I like the tinsel? decorations but such a pain trying to find room to store them... so think we'll be sticking to inflatables.... unless there is the other kind that I just can't resist lol.

And finally Santa pics. Zoe was so excited to see Santa, but she kind of shut down once she saw all the people looking at her lol. And Oren didn't know what to make of Santa. He did end up grabbing his beard at one point. Guess he wanted to make sure it was the REAL Santa and not an imposter ;)

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