Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I spoke too soon! Karma is getting me!

Ok so I think karma is kicking my ass right now for thinking that some of the women in my DD group were lying about symptoms lol. OK so I still think some of them were just looking too much in to things like most women do when pregnant..... but yeah.... morning sickness has started here.
Thankfully for now it only seems to happen in the morning, but that could change at the drop of a hat.
Doesn't help that I'm coughing too so coughing plus that gagging feeling.... YUCK.
Every time it happens it feels like I'm going to upchuck a lung.

This feels like it's starting a lot sooner than it did with Zoe or Oren. I can't really remember when it did with them though. Guess I could look through my posts but **LAZY**

Oh and also nothing like sneeze-peeing yourself.... snizzing? Spizzing? Well...whatever.... I cough hard and a little comes out. Awesome....

UUUGH, ok so against my better judgement, I've been hanging around the DD group b/c there weren't a lot of eyeroll posts.... that is until I ran across multiple ones by the unassisted birth moron spouting off how she knows better than doctors and big evil pharma companies. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
Oh and how she monitored herself through her pregnancies b/c she knew what was best and blahblah bullshit more bullshit and even more bullshit.
No... more like you're a GD nutcase with control issues.
And of course this woman posts on every single thing on the board too. Ugh......
If I want to stay there even just a little, I'm going to have to check names before reading the post and just skip over her shit.

On a more lighthearted rant.
FINALLY found some place that sells chestnuts!
YAY the Korean grocery store!!!!
I saw them and practically made a fool out of myself by doing a happy jump then dance after. Yes... I'm serious.. I did it lol.
But.... I don't remember chestnuts being so damn hard to frickin deshell. The outer shell is pretty flimsy and peels off kind of easily, but then you have that skin on the nut that does not want to come off.
I roasted some in the oven the other day and it sounded like all of that should've come right off afterwards, but nope! Wasted half of the nuts b/c I can't get the dang skin off the nut and when it's cooked the nut gets soft so it makes it even more difficult.
Just think of trying to deshell a boiled egg when all of the white wants to come off with the shell. That's what it's like.
WIll have to look something up. There has to be something I'm missing.

Zoe is definitely getting more greedy with toys around her brother. I brought down the bigger xylophone the other day and she will not let him play with it. She's going to get her butt popped if she keeps snatching it away from him.
Kinda knew this was going to happen, but it's still a bit annoying when it does. She still loves him to pieces though.

Was thinking about how we were going to reveal this pregnancy to everyone. Maybe do it similar to how we revealed when pregnant with Oren.
Zoe will wear her Big Sister shirt and we can get Oren a Big Brother shirt :)

And we could always wait to reveal it on Oren's birthday like we did with Zoe's. But I would be maybe around 15-17w then. Not sure if we could sit on the secret for that long. lol
We'll see what happens :)

I'm thinking way ahead right now. Right now.. I just hope tomorrow's blood draw comes back ok and the baby is fine when we do the first u/s.

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