Monday, April 20, 2015

Our future

DH has been bringing up possibly moving. He works in a VA hospital and has for the last 13 or so years and doesn't want to leave. I know he doesn't want to work in a store. He's done that already and hated it. But the thing is, at the hospital here... he hates the way it's going there as well.
It's basically being run by a bunch of idiots.
Take for instance.. there was an intern that applied for a job. He blatantly and very obviously lied on his application stating that he had all this experience and trained all of these people, blahblahblah. Things that they knew were just bold faced lies. So it was brought up and OK'd to fire the guy. Well this asshole filed a complaint stating that he was being discriminated against b/c he's Jewish.... nevermind that no one actually knew he was.
This got to the head of pharmacy, who knew about the lying, but still overturned the firing and hired the guy. So now they're stuck with this shithead and he's acting like a giant douche. It's a state job so I guess it's more difficult to fire people even though it's deserved *shrugs*

There are other things too. I can't remember what DH told me exactly but it would screw everyone in the pharmacy department if things go their way.
SO yeah...DH has mentioned to me about possibly moving to maybe Florida or even Germany where some positions might be opening up.

Not sure how I feel about this. Obviously I'll go wherever, but I've lived here almost my entire life and I would really hate to move so far from family. They'd be able to drive to Florida every once in a while, but fly to Germany? No way. We would never see anyone unless we visited which we would do.
Sure it would be neat to live in Europe or just any place different, but all of our family is here and I know we would all miss them terribly.
If he's determined for us to move... I'd rather stay in the states. I really don't want to move to Florida of all places, but at least family would be able to drive down and visit us and we'd be close to Disney which could be really fun.... and expensive :P
So yeah....not really sure what's going to happen. We'll see I guess.

Zoe had a blast at the birthday party yesterday. They had it at a place called My Gym. It's some little kiddy activity place where they promote active play, team work etc. Pretty sure Zoe was the youngest one there that could walk. Did make me a little concerned when seeing how responsive the other kids are to instruction and then seeing her.
I just don't think she's used to it while all of these other kids were older and used to being in a school type setting. I think most of them were the birthday child's preK schoolmates.
Also think we were only invited b/c not enough people could make it so they needed more kids there to make what they paid for the place worth it, but whatever... Zoe had fun and that's what matters.
She was so cute running around. She LOVED it when they brought out this bubble machine that blew out a ton of bubbles for them to run through. May look in to buying her some bubbles. Just can't let her get her hands on them. Dunno what it is with kids and bubbles and stickers. 2 of the most pointless things ever, but kids love them.

So the money spent on the cat's surgery only made it easier for him to continue pissing on the carpet. Awesome.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad his paws aren't bothering him as much, but come on you stupid cat... use the damn designated pee/poop spots and stop ruining our fucking house already!!!

Oh AND the stupid little puppy has started to pee and poop in the house again. It's been raining out for the last week or so and he just can't be bothered to go do his business out there. So yeah... our living room is going to smell just so awesome when all of this builds up.

I've been waiting to clean the carpets again b/c there's just no damn point in doing it if he's just going to continue while it's still raining and the dogs tracking in dirt.

Oren is being super fussypants right now so tata for now

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