Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh the joys

So I finally had my 6w PP checkup today. No pelvic exam. WOO! YAY for C-sections! :P lol
And.... the doctor OK'd and called in a metformin order for me. WOOHOO! Didn't even bring up any problems with me taking it or anything. So happy about that. Now just need to pick it up.
Oh wait, she did say that I should take my glucose levels here and there after starting it to make sure my sugar isn't getting too low. But other than that... it's ok.
And yeah, just a pretty uneventful appointment which I'm good with :)

Zoe man... when she's good, she's great, when she gets in to that todder mode though... holy shit.

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but she's gotten in to the habit of delaying bedtime by getting up after we've put her down, turning on her light and then knocking on the door saying she wants out and to open the door. She's even done the little count thing like parents do to threaten their kid in to good behavior. lol
Anyway, it's cute but we're not putting up with it anymore and she is not having that.
We turned off her light from the fan so the light switch doesn't do anything and ignore her knocking and protests.
Last night she got her blankets off her bed, made herself a little nest in front of her door and went to sleep on the floor. WTF? lol
The night before, she woke up at 4am wanting out. I don't think so. That was a night Oren was being extra noisy in his sleep, so this momma was grumpy as hell and wasn't putting up with it.

Zoe's also started this new thing where she'll get upset over something. Will start her whine/cry, walk away and then maybe 10seconds later, has stopped crying, will come back, say 'sorry' and give me a hug lol. It's pretty darn adorable.

Oren is doing well. He has his extra fussy moments but overall, he's a good baby. He's starting to purposely grasp more which makes having long hair suck lol. He really likes grabbing my shirt when we're face to face.
He's still on his nighttime schedule for the most part. The past 2 nights he hasn't really wanted to go back to bed after waking which sucks balls, but oh well.
There weren't any problems when we put him back in to the bassinet. DH positioned a towel under the mattress so he's still inclined a little.
He's still having some spitting up problems, but it varies on the severity. We haven't had anymore baby vomit volcanos again though *knock on wood*

Been giving him 90% breastmilk so far. He definitely prefers it over the formula. Think the thicker formula just puts him off a bit. He'll still drink it but it takes a lot longer for him to suck it all down b/c he'll just comfort nurse, but won't actually be sucking on the nipple.

Pumping has been about the same. My nips right now feel a bit more tender than they have been which sucks. Not sure what has changed. Hoping it won't continue.

And yeah, that's about it I think.... :D

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