Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ok, so we were supposed to take Zoe to Dh's church's easter egg hunt this morning. It started at 11:30 but we had to be there at 11.

Well yesterday was Friday which meant we went out with family to eat and they wanted Zoe to spend the night. No problem since most of them go to the same church as DH and were planning on going.
We're walking to our car and they yell and ask if we're going to be there. We yell back a big and very clear yes and leave.

No problem right?
Welp... we get a call today at 10:30 telling us that they're at some middle of nowhere restaurant, they just got their food and that they weren't going to make it. AND asked if we were serious about wanting to go today.
Are you fucking kidding me with this shit??
DH and I were both really looking forward to taking Zoe to this egg hunt b/c she would've loved it. I was hesitant to let her spend the night last night, but since I THOUGHT they were going to be responsible and go too... I let her go. Well didn't we learn a big frickin lesson today.
Zoe will NEVER spend the night with them again if we have something planned for the next day. NEVER again. DH and I were SO F-ing pissed off and his mom knows it.

Just... WTF were they even thinking?? Just so frickin inconsiderate.
I'm so bummed for Zoe b/c again... she would've loved it.

Thankfully we did our own little egg hunt on Friday for Zoe in the front yard and she had a blast finding all of the eggs and opening them. We also got her an Easter basket which she'll get tomorrow that I'm excited for her to see all the stuff in.
We took photos and I promise I'll be posting some soon. With DH going back to work.. I won't be spending as much time in the bedroom so will be on my computer a little more often.


Oren is doing ok. He's having some serious gas issues. Poor boy is miserable at night. I think it's just b/c we switch to formula at night so it upsets his stomach. We give him gas drops but I guess that only helps a little.

Can't remember if I mentioned this, but Dh weighed him (stepped on the scale while holding him, and then just DH... you know how that works ;) ).... and according to our scale.. Oren is just over 9lbs! WOW. I'm not sure if that's normal for a month old, but that just seems like a lot of weight gained already lol.
His next appointment is on the 9th so we'll see then.

You can def tell that he's gotten bigger. His chicken legs are still chicken but have a tiny little bit more meat on them heh. Plus he's almost too big for newborn diapers. We've used them up before he's totally too big for them. We have a ton of size 1's to go through now.

Sorry if everything is reading a bit choppy. Trying to go fast so I can get to bed already.

He pees SO much. He has leaked in every single cloth diaper he's been in b/c he pees so darn much in them. I mean just completely soaked.
His poops are still of the mustardy variety :P Lol.... so interesting I know ;) heh

His eyes look dark still.. kind of lighter, but still dark enough that it def looks like they're going to be brown in the end.
I remember seeing my nephews eyes when he was little and you could definitely tell that they were going to be blue b/c they were a lighter newborn shade.
We'll see though. Would love it if Oren had DH's beautiful blue eyes, but big puppy dog brown ones like Zoe will be great too :)

Zoe is getting in to helper mode now. Oh, she's still throwing her toddler tantrums but at least she's a little more helpful... even when we don't want her to be lol.

She's such a great big sister so far though. She really seems to love her baby brother and always hugs and kisses him and tries to help out with him. It's so darn cute.

Her night time issue seems to have happened again tonight but not as bad as Thursday thank goodness.
She didn't want to go to bed, screamed as we were leaving. She did get up and tried the door, cried a lot more, but a few minutes she got back in to bed. She did end up crying for maybe 10 or so minutes, but stopped, played for a bit and then went to sleep.
Really hoping she'll get out of this soon.
While it is annoying and frustrating, it also breaks my heart too letting her cry and get upset like that.

Erm, I'm sure there was more I wanted to post but it's almost 11 and I'm late for bed!

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