Friday, April 10, 2015

1 month old

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday.
Oren turned one month old though and had his wellness checkup yesterday.
He weighed in at 9lbs 8.5oz.
Length was 21.25inches
Head circumference was 30something. Can't think of it off the top of my head.

Weight puts him just below 50th percentile
Length was at something like 35th, but head circ puts him at 75th LOL
Baby big head :P
He really doesn't look like he has a big head though. It's just kind of long from front to back, but not freakishly so :P
He also got his 2nd hep B shot yesterday. Poor boy was not happy with that.
All was good though.... other than the poosplosion that had occurred. DH was stripping Oren down so he could get weighed and the nurse pointed out the lovely poop smearing down his leg. We never had to deal with this with Zoe so poosplosions are new for us lol.

Zoe has been having some gross poops lately though. Not sure what's going on with her digestive system but it needs to start making easy to clean up turds again.

Need to pump so gotta make this short.

Pumping has been going ok. I think my supply is lacking a bit now b/c Oren has only been waking up once maybe twice at night and the hell if I'm going to wake up on my own to pump :P lol
Going to try to get in a lot of pumps today. I know I won't be getting a lot, but hopefully with the extra pumping it will help get my supply back up a little bit.

Zoe watches some weird annoying crap on youtube. She gets to it from the Talking Tom game. Thankfully it's all child friendly videos, but man... some of them are just.... strange. She was just watching some Teletubby one and all I hear is this annoying grown man voice constantly saying Uh Oh. And she watches videos of grown adults playing with dolls (like making up little stories and acting them out with the dolls). And don't forget all of the ones where they open up eggs filled with random toys. Bad thing is, a lot of these videos have millions of views.
Whatever though. It keeps her occupied and it's nothing bad in them so.. meh.

And finally.. Oren is smiling on purpose more :D It's still not often but he's giving them up every once in a while and it just melts my heart.
And Zoe is such an amazing big sister. She absolutely adores Oren. She kisses him and hugs him and always wants to help out. Was so afraid she'd be super jealous, but she's been awesome.

Love my babies so much :)

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Lee Pinwill said...

Omg my two and a half year old loves those egg opening videos!! They make so much money from them