Sunday, April 19, 2015

While I have the chance

Before I forget... a few photos :)

Cute goofy little baby smiles moment :)
I recorded his first laugh today too. Haven't uploaded that but I'll try to remember to do it :)
His dimple(s?) aren't nearly as pronounced as Zoe's are, but that's ok.... he's just as adorable :)

He's definitely on a schedule at night. He'll wake up between 1:30-3 to eat, then again between 5:30-7. He'll fuss a little at the 2nd one and then will usually go back to sleep for 2-3hrs.
He's a good little dude, but I just wish he would go to sleep easier sometimes. You can tell he's so tired b/c he'll doze off, but any little noise wakes him and he'll start fussing.
But it's not like we're totally silent around him so he expects silence. Heck, on Friday we went to Chinese buffet and we were sat in the same room with a large birthday party going on and he didn't wake up or stir once from all the super loud noise. *shrugs*

Zoe's on a routine now too.... she wakes up between 6-7 (usually closer to 6... *grumble*)... knocks on her door wanting out.
And at night... we put her to bed... she'll play a little and then will remember something she didn't bring to bed so will get up and start knocking on her door. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she'll just say "Let Zoe out!" :P
Other than "Mine" she always refers to herself in the 3rd person lol.

So in the comments, it was suggested that the breastshield things I use to pump might be too small. I was using the medela 30mm size ones which I thought were the largest, but after a quick look on amazon... 36mm seems to be the biggest, so I ordered them.
They were only $10 and some change so not that bad.
Got them a few days after and have been using them. And while the pain isn't as bad so far.. I'm not sure what size I should be using. It's like my whole boob gets sucked in to the thing. The nipple part does swell quite a bit and isn't rubbing against the sides which is good, but since there's so much space, it's sucking in like all of my aureola now too which I'm not really sure should happen. *shrugs*
Whatever... it hasn't been bad using them though and like I said, not as painful so far. I can pump longer using them which helps w/ the quantity I've been getting (just a little at least).

Alrighty, need to cut this short. Have a birthday party to go to this afternoon and need to pump before. :)


Shari said...

Do you lanolin on before pumping? With the 2nd kid I found that my nips were just always sore. My letdown was more painful and all around just felt much different than with my first

LisaL said...

I use the lanolin after. Think it would be better to use it before? Maybe just in the areas that I know will be rubbing against the plastic.

Shari said...

Yeah I found it helped. Otherwise the friction was just too much to handle.