Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Could be better

Zoe is driving me up the dang wall.
So she's in full toddler mode meaning she listens when she wants... which isn't often unless it's listening out for the pantry door opening.
Getting her to pick up her toys is like ramming your head in to a brick wall. Just pointless.
I lost my shit on her the other day though. We spank, but only use it as a last resort. When I say spank, I mean on the diapered butt or a smack on her thigh. I don't count a pop on the hand as spanking and I don't even do that that often
Well, I had been asking her over and over and over again to pick up her toys, but lost it when she smiled and started throwing them. Oh hells no.
I swatted her twice on her behind (she was wearing disposable so she felt it more than she would have in cloth). She freaked out and did eventually pick up her stuff, but then I saw that my hand must've hit her back some b/c I let red marks there. Nothing serious, but man.. it made me feel like the worst mom in the world :(
Just toddlers man.... they really test the limits of your sanity sometimes.

And she's getting in to EVERYTHING. If it's not bolted down or out of reach.. she has it.
It will get better once Oren and I aren't in the bedroom all the damn time. That way I can keep an eye on her again.

Trying Oren in cloth diapers again today. We only have a few size 1's left and we want to save those for when we're out and about.
He just pees so much though. We're going to have to change him every couple of hours to keep him from leaking.

He's been doing great though. Lots of smiles and cooing which I love so much. Love hearing him try to 'talk'. I'll get some more photos up eventually.

Zoe has been Zoe. She's still great with Oren and still being her assholey toddler self :P Toddlers really are giant little assholes man. I know how that sounds to some people but damn is it the truth.
Oh we love them more than anything, but good googly moogly. It's a miracle that parents still have hair by the time their child gets out of this particular stage.
Right now she's whining up a storm b/c she had dropped a toy under our bed earlier (that I had picked up from the same spot)... and now she can't get it and I won't pick it up for her. Awesome....

Also, she's just tall enough now to reach the light switches, but not tall enough to turn them back off. Fun fun.

We have a full weekend this week. A local fair on Saturday and then a food truck festival on Sunday. Can't wait :) Zoe will have fun and it will be nice to just get out of the house some.
Will have to remember to take photos.
Just hope the weather is nice and not too hot.

My boobs re just never going to give up more than they do. I've tried almost everything and nothing seems to be giving me more milk. The first night I used the larger breast shields.. I pumped almost 5oz total, but that hasn't happened again. I wish it would since Oren's appetite is only going to increase.

Thankfully though, pumping isn't as painful as it was. It's pretty weird. It starts off not feeling the best, but as my breasts empty... they lose sensation.. almost go numb. I'm not complaining since that's better than pain. It's just weird.
After pumping is another story. My nipples feel like they're on fire for a while afterwards. *shrugs*

My gas has still been super terrible. Just AWFUL and a lot of it. I'm surprised that it doesn't permanently stink in our bedroom b/c of it.

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