Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Poo talk incoming...

I thought I had escaped the scary poop after birth. Things have been moving along smoothly in that department... until yesterday.
Holy crap it's like that first poop with Zoe all over again.
My poor poor butthole :(
No idea why things are getting that big and dense in me but holy moly I hope it stops soon. I had more today which absolutely SUCKED and I know there's probably more in there. Time to bust out that miralax again.

And my nips are still so damn tender. Shouldn't they be feeling better soon now like BFing mom nips?? I've been pumping for a month now so you would think my body would be used to it. I just want them to stop hurting already. It's not the entire time I'm pumping thankfully, but those first 5 seconds on the fast pump, and the first 10 on the slower longer pump are torture. Nevermind the new needle sharp pain I get when more milk drops in to my nips. Not sure why my body started doing that mess.
My left breast is producing a little more than it was, but other than that.. I'm still producing about the same that I was before. It's enough for now, but I'd say in another month, we'll be supplementing with formula a lot more. Oh well.... it's expensive, but whatever it takes to feed him :)

Today started out pretty rough. For some reason DD woke up just before 6. UGH. I let her lay down with Oren and I in bed (yes he was in bed next to me).... but Oren is a VERY noisy sleeper when he's just getting to sleep and all of his grunts kept waking her up. We both eventually just got up just before 7. I had to feed him and my boobs were killing me so.. yeah.

Oren's been super fussy today too. Think it's b/c we have been feeding him a little less b/c of the spitting up and b/c he hasn't been pooping daily so I'm sure that pressure isn't comfortable for him. I've been doing some leg stomach compression things to help relieve any kind of trapped gas he might have. He seems to enjoy that.
He did eventually poop today... after DH got home and was holding him. MUAHAHAHA that's my boy! :D
We have some spitup formula that I'm going to start using at least a couple of times a day for him. See if that helps his stomach problems. He gets so tired during the day but fights sleep like no ones business. It always looks like he's trying to poop but then he just starts crying :(

Zoe today has been really naughty. It started off well, but then she ripped up a catalog we let her have. Not a biggy just a big mess.
THEN she got it in to her head to pour water from one of her cups in to her little play tea set.
But the big one was when I had dozed off... woke up to her asking where her animals were (finger puppets), and a strong smell of mint in the air. I turn to look at her and the girl has toothpaste all over her mouth and hands.
I jump out of bed and go to the bathroom and she apparently thought grabbing all of the pumping stuff was a good idea too while covered in toothpaste.
I know she ate some of it obviously, but thankfully I use fluoride free stuff so hopefully it's not too bad for her. I don't think she got a lot of it b/c the tube is still pretty full. Still though.... UGH.

Everything has been going well though for the most part. Yeah some minor issues here and there, but nothing huge.


Shari said...

Do you have the right size flanges for your pump? That was my problem and ordered the next size up and it made a world of difference!

LisaL said...

I'm using the 30mm ones right now. Thought that they were the largest you could get but after looking, seems there are 36mm ones. Just ordered some so we'll see if they help.