Monday, April 13, 2015

Baby sense

There should be a new super hero... a baby that can always sense when a parent isn't near them and starts crying.
Ok so it would be every baby out there that has this power but still.. damn is it impressive!
I remember going through this with Zoe but with her.. it was a lot easier since it was just her and I.
Poor ole Oren has to be left to fend for himself a whole minute... maybe even 2 minutes *gasp!* while mommy attends to the other child or uses the bathroom.

He's been spitting up a lot lately. We thought it might've been switching between formula and breastmilk, but we've only given him BM the last 2 days and he's spitting up more than he was before. No volcanoes coming out of his mouth but still just about after every feeding.
We thought we were maybe overfeeding him, but nope.. doesn't seem to be the case today. I've made sure not to overdo it and he's still spitting up.
My diet hasn't changed other than the one beer, he started spitting up with some BM that was pumped before I had any of those.

Did I mention the beer? We bought some non-alcoholic stuff. I can't remember the name.. starts with a K made by Guiness(sp?). First bottle I had was frickin disgusting. Beer is nasty as it is, but I can tolerate the taste, this stuff was like the most unsweetened squash you've ever tasted. Like someone just scooped out a pumpkin added fizz and told you to eat it.
The 2nd one I had actually tasted like beer thank goodness (never thought I'd ever say that).

No idea if this is going to do anything to increase my supply but it's worth a shot.
My boobs have been doing this annoying thing while pumping. My nipple gets SUPER painful... like a cutting pain, but it's b/c some milk has let down while pumping and needs to come out. Not sure why that's become painful since it wasn't before. My nips aren't any more sore than they were before so that can't be it.

Today is the first day of eating better. Yeah, we've been stuffing our faces with total junk since we had Oren, but it's time to get this weight loss show on the road. Christmas will be here in no time and I want to be at my goal or 30+ lbs down.
I REALLY need to lose weight though. I am back to pre-preg weight, but that's still over 200lbs. BUT my pooch is larger than it was before and I'm pretty sure is hanging lower now too :( Gawd I hate my body so much. Every ugly area you can carry extra weight.. I do. I do not carry this extra fat well. I carry it like a hairy old 80yr woman that didn't take care of herself in her youth except my boobs don't hang to my knees... yet.
But anyway..... eating better today and hoping the pounds start coming off soon.
It's going to be difficult though since I probably won't be exercising any time soon. I didn't want to do it before when I actually had time and now.... oh hells no.
Maybe when Oren is a little older, but right now? NOPE

Anywho, gotta get back to the baby before he wakes up and realizes I'm not in the room anymore lol.


Shari said...

Sounds like reflux. Vivy had it, but because she wasn't projectile vomiting the doctor wouldn't put her on anything. So I stopped bf'ing her and switched to the thickened formula. Talk about a difference in her sleeping and being a happy baby. When she was on the boob she would constantly pull off.

LisaL said...

Yeah, we figured it was reflux, but it cleared up so we didn't think of it again when the spitting up started once again.
We have some spitup formula that we'll be giving him. Hopefully it helps.