Monday, April 27, 2015

Well, that didn't go as planned

We had wanted to go to 2 different events this past weekend and didn't go to either.
Saturday it rained until 11:30. It was supposed to start up again so we didn't bother and it never did start raining so.. boo. Oh it was a little fair. Until 4 or 5 they have little vendors and whatnot then after 5 is rides only.
Then on Sunday, there was a food truck festival held at the large farmers market. Apparently everyone else and their mother wanted to go to it too. We were stuck in traffic for 30min before we just turned around. It took 30min to go less than half a mile and we still had over 2 miles to get to the event. So yeah... it wasn't happening and from the things I'm reading on facebook, we missed waiting in even longer lines at the food trucks that ran out of food.
This was the first time for this even and the planners just weren't prepared for the number of people or the terrible traffic it was going to cause.
Hoping next year they do it at the state fair grounds and actually have people directing traffic and whatnot. Would really like to go if it's held somewhere else and if the food trucks don't run out of grub.

So yeah, disappointing :(

We went to DH's uncles home last night. DH's cousin is in town from California so they had a cookout for family to visit. That was good at least and Zoe got to stay up late.
Unfortunately, she's now sneezing w/ runny nose and is kissing all over Oren so I'll probably have 2 sick kiddos here soon. Awesome :\

Pumping is going well. Few days ago, I was getting 3 or just over 3oz of milk every 2 hours. It's reduced again since then, but I'm still getting just a little more than I was before which I'm really happy about.
Not exactly sure what's causing it but I THINK it's b/c of the larger breast shield things. Since my nips aren't so tender, I've been pumping for longer and think that has finally started paying off better. I'm still having to pump for about 40-50min but I'm getting a little more so it's kind of worth it lol.

We're going to the beach in a couple of months! YAY! To the actual beach this time. Not like last time when I along w/ a few other family were stuck in the hotel the entire time while everyone else went deep sea fishing. Ugh I'm still pissed about that. Seriously, I didn't travel all the way to the beach to hang out in the hotel swimming pool. There was that little thing called the OCEAN I wanted to go to :\

Anyway, so far, it's just only going to be us 4 going so we'll get to do exactly what we want. Just hope it doesn't rain which is a possibility.
I want my tan damnit!

But I do need a new swim top. The one I have is ok, but I just want something new and a bit more comfortable....
Which brings me to our next topic...

Today finally starts the first day of better eating. It was a bit delayed, but we're finally here and ready to start losing weight. DH actually started exercising last week. Really proud of him for starting again. Now to get the food under control.
I'm still having maple brown sugar oatmeal (while I'm still pumping), but got the half sugar stuff.
We'll be reducing sugar and carbs like we have before though and I'll have to cook on the weekends now since we should only be going out on Friday dinners now.

Also watching Fed Up on Netflix got the fire under my butt to start. It's a documentary about why youth (and everyone else for that matter) are getting fatter etc. It didn't say anything that I didn't already know, but did remind me why we needed to start yesterday and not wait any longer.

I MAY start exercising eventually. Thinking about doing it now just makes me want to take a nap though. Heck, thinking about doing anything even semi active makes me want to nap :P lol
Even when I do start though, I can't imagine I'll be able to do it all in one go. We'll see though.
I'm still determined to get to my 30lb or more Christmas goal.
Would REALLY like to put the 200's well behind me and something I'll never see on the scale again.

And finally...
When we couldn't get to the festival yesterday, we came home and had a little bit of family time in the backyard :)
Zoe had a blast with the new bubbler we bought and Oren was busy looking adorable while trying to keep the sun out of his eyes.

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