Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4 weeks already

Forgot to post yesterday. It was my first day alone with the kiddos and it was not starting off well.
Oren was having some tummy issues and let loose a really big gross liquid poop.
THEN while pumping, I had him in front of me leaning on the boppy pillow and our spewed forth a wave of spitup all over me and all over him.

THEN later in the day, I had dozed off on the bed w/ Oren and get woken up by DD climbing on the bed, nekked from the waist down and telling me she had pooped..... most of it still being stuck in her butt crack and dropping on to the bed *barf*

Then, Oren did not want to nap longer than a few minutes during the day unless he was on me, so I didn't have much time to do anything.
So yeah...

Thankfully other than some nastiness early on... it didn't go so bad. Just wish Oren would go back to sleeping a bit more but think his tummy is causing problems. Poor little guy.

DH got me some Mother's Milk tea yesterday. Think I'll drink 2 cups a day and see if that helps. if not... meh. Won't hurt to try.

Cat is getting surgery today. Crossing our fingers and hoping it works. At least he'll stop leaving blood spots all over the floor.. not that he could really help that part of it though.

And yeah.... I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but I'll leave that for later when I hopefully remember what it was :P heh

In the meantime.. PHOTOS! :D

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