Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Seems like all of my posts are quickies heh. I always remember to post something when I can't or only have a short time to do it :P

Remembered I had a photo of Zoe when she was a newborn sleep smiling.....

Yeah... I'd say there's some resemblance there :)
My sweet babies.
Zoe def has a wider head than Oren does, but I think Oren has larger eyes... or maybe they just look bigger b/c he has the slightly narrower head *shrugs*

He's been doing well. Seems to be getting his days and nights on track. He only woke up once last night. WOO! lol
Only bad part about that was the pumping... not b/c my boobs were engorged though. I dunno WTH is going on with my breasts and milk production but it's getting on my nerves.
Nothing I'm doing is getting my supply up and it seems like any small delay in pumping totally screws up the supply that I have.
Really wish I was someone with a normal supply :(
DH was telling me about a woman at work. She just came back from her maternity leave and pumps at work. One pumping session gave her 10oz!!
And another in my group was saying how 3 pumping sessions for her gives her around 32oz.
Good lord... I can't even imagine what that's like :(

Thank goodness for formula.

Oren has his 1m checkup tomorrow. Man... has it already been a month???
Can't wait to see how big he has gotten.

Zoe's understanding of things seems to have just jumped up leaps and bounds now. It's seems like just all of a sudden, she's actually answering up coherently and just really understanding things a lot more.
Which seems to also bring with it a real knack for testing her boundaries. Girl has gotten a popped booty and hands quite often for talking back, yelling at us, telling us no... etc. She is one stubborn, head strong child.

Cat is doing well. They reduced his bad burst paw pads as best they could. He's wearing a mini cone of shame. I'll have to post photos of him lol.
He seems to be in a really good mood though. Better than what he was in.
Only bad thing so far though is that neither DH or I have picked up any poo or seen any pee in his little potty bin spots. UGH. He's going somewhere... where that is... no idea.

Anywho.. that's all for now!

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