Thursday, October 31, 2013

YAY :)

Tonight was fun.
SiL was a bit of a buzzkill, but oh well... sucks for her.

Some photos first...
Zoe w/ DH.
Looking adorable!

With her cousins

And earlier in the day waking up from a nap. She just looked too cute w/ her hair messy :D
And gosh, I love that dimple!

We mostly strolled around with Zoe and walked my nieces around our neighborhood. A lot more kids this year, but unfortunatly not that many homes were giving out candy. Lots of walking to get to a house that was giving out any. But thankfully b/c of that, the people are usually pretty generous and give more than just one so my nieces got a lot of stuff.
Def not like the good ole days when you would haul in like a trash bag full of candy lol.
Oh well.

My brother and SiL stayed at our place and handed out candy. I bagged all the candy since it just seemed easier than giving out a few at a time and they ran out just as I was walking back w/ my oldest niece.
DH and my other niece along w/ Zoe had gone back to the house ahead of us b/c my youngest niece was done for the night.

Ok so.. my nieces are what... 9 and 7? And they are in TERRIBLE shape. Seriously, DH and I could've walked the entire neighborhood. DH is in good shape, but I am not, but we weren't walking fast or anything so we were both ok to walk it all. Anyway, we weren't even half way done when both girls started complaining about their legs being sore. And then the 7yo didn't even want to continue trick or treating and just wanted to go back. WTF???
9 and 7!!!!!! That just aint right. Man, I remember when I was that young. I had energy and then some and could go around my entire neighborhood and still have oodles of energy to do more stuff. Now I know you can't do that shit nowadays b/c people suck, but still....
That is just sad when a 9 and 7 yo are in that terrible of shape. And it's not like they're super overweight or something. They're slightly pudgy, the 7yo a bit more than the 9, but not enough that you would look at them and say they have a problem or that they're unhealthy in any way, ya know.
I dunno.. I just felt bad for them. Kids that age should be super active and able to outlast us lazy adults no problem.

Ok so..... back to SiL and my brother.... they've only purchased 7 diapers.... that's it!! WTF?? I guess maybe they're going to wait and see if they like cloth diapering? That's the only thing I can think of. It just ticked me off a little when I asked them if they needed inserts and she looks at me and says they don't have any (other than what came w/ the diapers they bought). UGH. So I had to give them some of Zoe's. She still has plenty. Thank goodness Kawaii diapers come with 2 inserts and not just one.
I'm sure they won't stick with it though. When they heard how often they had to wash the diapers, they just sort of gave a look and laughed. So yeah... I will be shocked if they stick with it for more than a week or 2. Well, they may stick it out more than that even if they don't want to since they don't have an income atm.

And SiL... ugh. Now, I know she's really uncomfortable right now and a bit miserable, but at least fake a damn smile for your kids. She's done this almost every Halloween they've come over here. They're kids and they're gonna be SUPER damn hyper and ready to go out. It can get annoying but you zone them out.
You would think she would learn how to have done that but no.. she just yells at them and just really brings down the happy time that this should be. And tonight was no different.
SiL was just in a really stank nasty mood and... yeah, just glad I didn't have to hear her shit all night.

I know I complain about them a lot. It's just that there's nowhere else for me to do it. And they must come off as terrible people, but they're really not. They have their flaws just like we all do. I'm sure if someone were to complain about me, I would sound just as terrible or worse.


Megan said...

Zoe is so stinking adorable!!!

Shari said...

Adorable!! She looks like a pretty happy baby!