Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Good lordy, I can't believe we only have 2 more months to go before 2014. SHEESH, where has the time gone??

So news news....
SiL isn't feeling good. Pregnancy is not agreeing with her in these final weeks and she's nauseated (actual throwing up), has lost her appetite and just an overall blah feeling. She said she's lost 17lbs in 2 weeks. Baby looks ok, but she's hoping they'll deliver him at 37w. I'm sure it's just b/c she feels so bad. And I'm sure her not eating a lot isn't good for him either.

She has an appointment today so we'll see what happens. :D
So excited to see my little nephew. Must say, while I am so happy for them and so happy to have a little nephew... I am SO damn jealous too.

Anyway.... they're supposed to be coming over tonight to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Which reminds me, I really need to make candy bags to give out.

We're going to walk/stroll Zoe around a little bit. Of course I'll get photos and post them :)

I'm very slowly starting to exercise again. Didn't do as much as I was wnting to this week.
Zoe sapped all of my energy yesterday. One of those almost non-stop whining screaming crying days that sucks the life right out of you. Also doesn't help that when she wasn't crying, she was trying her best to eat the potting soil... which also reminds me that I need to move them until we figure out how to keep her out of them.

I'm still experiencing some dizziness. Still not sure what's going on with that. We really need to find ourselves a family doctor so we can take our asses. DH really needs to go. He is healthy, but he hasn't been to an actual doctor in.. man, I don't even know.
He's a typical guy basically.

Oh, I bought snaps to convert the newborn diapers. Snaps are F-ing EXPENSIVE. UGH I don't want to say how much I've spent on them. I had to go out and buy more! And of course what do I see.... nice diaper velcro right underneath that I could've gotten if I had just looked. UGH!
Whatever. Hopefully I'm not ruining these things.. b/c if so... man, what a waste of money!

And finally... if you're ever bored and need something to do go to . It's funny but will make you lose your faith in humanity :P

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