Thursday, October 10, 2013

Screamy McScreamsALot

Good lord... when Zoe is in a bad mood... she lets you and the rest of the neighborhood know it! lol
I think she just didn't get in a good first nap so she was cranky, but still... SHEESH. It was like her small little world was crumbling around her lol.

So what's been up....
Took the last provera today. FINALLY. I'm already spotting a little so AF will be here tomorrow or Saturday. Looking forward to a new cycle that will have NO spotting and will have a nice ovulation. FX!

My weight loss is non-existant. Thankfully I'm not gaining weight, BUT I'm not losing any either. Seems as though I'll go down some, then gain it all back. It's most likely water weight, but why... why the hell does my body think it needs to hold on to 5+ pounds of water??

Oh my gosh, Kohls has a FANTASTIC sale going on on their clearance stuff. An extra 20? % off the clearance price. We went and bought Zoe a bunch of summer stuff for next year... spent $13.
We then headed to Once Upon a Child (a few stores over) and bought her some footie PJs for when it gets colder. Can't wait to put her in some. She's gonna look so cute heh.

Still no walking. Same ole same ole in that department. Doesn't look like she has any interest in walking unassisted.

SiL's baby shower is next Saturday and I have NO idea what the heck I'm going to cook for it.
Going to get ranty here...
SiL is really pissing me off with her gestational diabetes. I'm SO worried she's doing damage to her unborn son.
While she's not gobbling down a cake, she's still not eating properly so her sugar levels have been WAY too high still, even on insulin. She still thinks she can have potatoes whenever she wants, and bread and pasta and all that shit. It's SO fucking frustrating because she KNOWS she can't... she thinks that the insulin is going to do all the work for her so she can just have whatever.
I just want to shake some damn sense in to her.
Can only hope that she isn't doing damage to her boy.
OH AND, my brother lost his damn job.... AGAIN. SiL tried to say it wasn't his fault (this time), but I know better than that shit.
Why did he lose his job... I bet I can guess.
She still doesn't have her damn license, so he had to constantly take off of work to take her to her doc appointments.... and there were A LOT b/c of the uncontrolled GD.
So I guess no, it wasn't JUST his fault.. it was both of theirs.
Seriously, there is absolutely no reason why she can't go get her damn license and drive herself around other than pure laziness.
Just UGH!
Sorry for the rant but I'm sure we all know relatives just like this. The ones you love but can't fucking stand sometimes b/c of the stupid shit they do.

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