Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogging for my sanity!!

Zoe is having a fit in her room right now b/c she's tired but is refusing to take a damn nap!!!
I hate hearing her fussy screams. Breaks my heart but is also SUPER damn frustrating.
Just GO TO SLEEP and you'll be happy when you wake up!

Anyway, on cuter news lol....
 Her new words are "Go Away" LOL. She doesn't know what it means but she says it crystal clear. Not even like a babyfied version of it.
She'll start to babble and if she says something that sounds like something, I'll repeat it as whatever it sounds like. She said something and it sounded like "Go Away" so I repeated it back to her and man, she clung on to it and loves saying it heh.

She also enjoys saying No, and Stop along with a pointed finger hand gesture with both lol. Not really sure she knows what they mean though. Or if she does know, she doesn't care :P heh

Her skin problems are still there. It wasn't dairy. We started giving her milk again and other than some gas, her skin problem hasn't gotten worse and no flare ups.
It did flare up at the fair though after giving her some elephant ear. We thought maybe it was the wheat or gluten, but she's had both before and I don't THINK there was a problem after. Will have to keep an eye on it though when she has those things again.
Oh and the gross poo problem did clear up after stopping the almond milk.

We've just been lotioning her and hoping that helps.

SiL's baby shower tomorrow. Good lord we bought a lot of baby clothes for her LOL.
I wish we had more money. Would like to buy them more stuff. I hate shopping... except for baby shopping. Baby stuff is just so dang fun to get!!

Lets see.... we got them a diaper bag (it was actually free from Babies R Us since we spent $50?).
Lots of clothes
10pk Wash cloth
Boppy Pillow
This other cute wash cloth set
Aaaand I think that's it.
Then I made a mobile, blanket, and a cute hat.

The mobile was fun to make.... I just hope they actually hang it up. They'll have to hang it from the ceiling and.. yeah.. them being them.. I would not be surprised if we went over there and it's been pushed in to the corner covered in dog crap and pee. Hope not.

Anyway, would've loved to have gotten them more since not a lot of people are coming, but oh well.
We got them what we could.

AF is FINALLY on her way out. Still spotting just a little, but hopefully it will be completely gone by tomorrow or Sunday.
I'm still feeling some aches in the right O area. I hope it's not some HUGE cyst that's going to cause problems.
Also... my boobs are a bit sensitive. They're not super painful or anything like that, but they're sore if grabbed..... something that DH and I both learned last night when he was copping a feel lol.
Just not used to my boobs have any amount of soreness to them.
Gosh I hope it means my body will work this cycle.
Would be nice to get pregnant, but I'd settle just for ovulation and a normal period on my own.

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