Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Same old

Just wanted to come and update.
Really nothing much going on.

Woke up w/ the room spinning today. Not sure WTH is going on but I've been getting dizzy all day if I bend over. I'm not dehydrated and it doesn't feel like I'm getting sick so... *shrugs*

Started OPKs. Can only hope my body decides to work this cycle. If not.. thankfully my doc gave me 3 more provera refills so I'm set for that just in case.

Zoe is good. She's becoming more independent and more needy every day. It's weird. One min she'll be happy playing by herself... then the next, all she wants to do is be in my face and the center of attention heh. Guess I have to get used to this. At least until she's a teen w/ raging hormones and wants nothing but her privacy :P lol

Really not much going on.. as I already said heh. Days are getting shorter and cooler (WOO!), this year is almost over... and yeah.... just life stuff happening :)

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