Saturday, October 12, 2013

Before Bed

Was thinking earlier that maybe Zoe's poops have been bad b/c of teething? She's getting A LOT of her top back teeth. Felt in there yesterday or the day before and she has a couple poking through and I could feel a lot more wanting to. *shrugs*
Or it could be diet related. We'll see. Someone (thanks btw :) ) sent me a message saying that it could be the almond milk. *shrugs* It could be. If she has nasty poop again tomorrow, I'll just try her on plain water for a couple of days to see if her poops go back to normal nasty :P


DH's birthday is on Tuesday :D We're going to the fair. Should be fun! We always look forward to it... yes almost entirely for the food :P lol.
I'm sure I'll gain about 10lbs but it will be worth it!

Bought him some survival stuff. We've kinda sorta started getting in to that.
We've started to buy extra food and water for a just in case emergency situation.
I bought him a nice knife, small axe and a survival guide book heh. Doesn't hurt to have the stuff and doesn't hurt to be prepared *nodnod*
It's nothing major. We bought some cheap gallon jugs of water, a few cans of chicken (bleh) and a few boxes of ramen noodles so far heh. I'll probably get a few more things tomorrow when I go shopping. Canned fruit and whatnot.

It's not that we think something is going to happen or anything. And we're not getting all weird about it... like digging ourselves an underground bunker..... although..... ;) lol

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