Saturday, October 12, 2013


Is it weird that I'm glad to feel some aching and cramping with this AF?? lol
It's just that the few AFs that I got on my own before Zoe were pretty achy and I dunno... it's just comforting to feel it. Uncomfortable, but comforting.
I think I may have a cyst or something on my right ovary. I actually started feeling something soon after starting provera, and now.. when I lay on my stomach, that side starts to ache.

Zoe has had the NASTIEST poops. There was one yesterday and then again this morning. Just... BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
I dunno how someone so little and cute could produce something so vile!

Speaking of little..... her cousin... SiL's little girl who just turned 2 is only 22lbs! Good lord.
She was a tiny baby b/c SiL had that hyperwhatever during pregnancy (constant bad morning sickness). So her baby was only.. something like 5lbs 6oz at 39w.
THEN... her girl doesn't want to eat anything so she's really not gaining weight like she should.
*shrugs* She's a healthy little girl though and seems to be pretty darn smart too heh.
It's so cute watching her and Zoe interact.
It's going to be fun watching them grow and play together :)

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