Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not sure what's going on

... with my body.
This dizziness will not go away. It's not as bad as it first was but it's still here.
Don't have an ear infection, at least nothing I can feel.
Haven't felt like I was having any sort of blood pressure issues either so I doubt it's that.
Only other thing is maybe blood sugar issues? Gosh I hope not. Our eating hasn't been the best, but it hasn't been terrible either... *shrugs*
Will clean it up a bit more though and hope for the best.

Also... just about had a damn heart attack. I know dizziness can occur with pregnancy BUT I'm only cd 16 of this cycle.
I just wiped away a tiny little bit of tinge on the tp. Was using an opk so decided to use a pregnancy test as well.
Messed on the computer a bit, looked over (it had been maybe 3-4 mins), and saw a clear as day line on the HPT. Cue the heart attack. Thankfully though it was just a weird dye line making its way across the test.
I say thankfully b/c... at cd 16 and with that period I just had and now this spotting... yeah... it would make me very scared if I got a positive HPT. Afraid that something was wrong :(
There was something on that HPT though. I'm sure it was just the usual bad quality shadowy negative test line showing though b/c the OPK was very very very light.

Anyway, my body is just so F-ing out of whack right now :( My hair is really starting to come out too. At least that's what it seems like whenever I take a shower and pull out a dozen or so when I'm shampooing.

In other news... we bought Zoe new earrings :D She lost one of her gold ones. Can't find it anywhere so we're trying hoops. We were at Petsmart and there's a jewelry store right beside it so we decided to look. They had some really cute little ones that is exactly what we were looking for and got them. I'll get some photos of her w/ them. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, hope you feel better! That sucks your body is out of whack :-( I hope things get back on track soon FX! Maybe you should re-test just to be sure. Sorry I've been so absent lately!