Monday, October 14, 2013

Ok, enough already

Could this period start lightening up already?? Damn man...
What other creature on earth can bleed this damn much for this long and still be alive? Seriously... this is getting ridiculous.
Making me think those other "periods" weren't real ovulatory ones. *shrugs*

This is day 4 of heavy bleeding. It's not AS heavy but still heavy. Surprised I'm not walking around as pale as a ghost and ready to pass out. Geeze.
Ok AF, time to start packing your bags!

I had the saddest and gross dream last night.
I dreamt I passed this HUGE sac. Realized in the dream that it was an amniotic sac and that I miscarried. I started to tear open the sac looking for the baby to try to save it :(

No almond milk for Zoe yesterday. She didn't poop again after her giant nasty one first thing in the morning.
She had some poop before her nap today. Still kinda juicy but not nearly the amount of the last nasty one. Hoping when she poops again it's going to be a normal turd.

There's really not too much to report on. The weather is clouded over but nice and cool. We have a bunch of windows open and I think I'm actually going to have to close a couple b/c it's getting a little chilly.
Can't believe this year is almost over.

Oh and as for weight loss. It's pretty much stalled. Thankfully it hasn't gone back UP like it was doing. I know it was just water weight, but it still sucked to see.
I think it would be fair to say that we probably won't have a real chance at trying until next year if I don't kick myself in the ass already and start exercising to help w/ the weight loss.
I have to do something. Plan on it after this period from heaven/hell stops or at least lightens up some!

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