Monday, October 7, 2013

While I'm waiting

I have a terrible headache right now that gets worse w/ every movement. DH is being awesome and out buying us some dinner. Love him :)

Anywho... just wanted to post a smallish update while I wait.

Things are ok here. I still haven't started exercising yet though. It's just one of those things... you hate doing it, but you know you have to, so you are going to try to make every excuse not to do it.
I'll have to force myself to do it one day though. I can't put it off for much longer if we want to have a real chance of TTC #2.

Have 3 more days of provera left. Forgot how LONG these 10 days feel when doing it. Geeze. Feels like I've been taking these pills for forever now.

Zoe is doing really well. Still no walking and she really doesn't want to stand on her own either. We try to walk her (holding both her hands while she walks) to get her used to doing it. I've even held just one hand a few times and she does ok with it. She like walking on her tip toes and dragging her feet lol.
I know there's still time for her to get on her feet.

Reading about DD buddies babies giving kisses made me kinda force Zoe in to doing it too LOL.
It was the only way to actually get her to give kisses before. She's just so interested in everything else but whoever is in front of her most of the time.
So to get her to do it, I'll pucker up, do the kissy sound and lean in. She's figured it out now and will lean in too. It's so cute. I've also started to cheer after so she'll associate it with fun :)
Love it though. Could kiss that chunky face all day.

She is a sassy one. We'll tell her No or Stop if she's doing something she isn't supposed to be doing (like messing w/ the nightlights or the potted plants)... and when we do... she'll get her little hand up and kinda do a loud "OP!" or "NO!" lol
It's cute now but not sure how cute that will be when she's older :P Hopefully by then she'll know better than to talk back heh.

I have some photos of her I need to get off my phone. Will post those soon. I'll try to get some videos of her talking too. It's not clear most of the time, but she can say a few things pretty well I think heh.

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