Monday, October 26, 2015


And we're all fighting a bad cold.... well everyone but DH, but I'm sure he's gonna get sick soon.
My throat hurt SO bad yesterday when I tried swallowing. Had to take Tylenol to try to help it. It did a little thank goodness.
Oren keeps waking up crying b/c he coughs and can't breathe well b/c he's congested. He's also not eating as much as he usually does b/c of it.
And poor Zoe.... hers got delayed a little and she started coughing yesterday and yeah... it got quickly worse over the day.
Still thankfully only low grade fever for her that gets a little better during the day. She's so worn out though and freaks out when her nose starts running lol. Like it's the end of the world b/c she doesn't have a new Kleenex in hand to wipe away the snot :P

So yeah.... whole lot of fun in this house.
It was our anniversary yesterday, but DH had to work, then went to inlaws house to visit with his sister before she left. Meh.... I wanted to stay home with Oren and get us some rest. Zoe wasn't that bad before they left but when they got home she was a lot worse. Poor baby.
Probably didn't help that DH stayed to watch TWD so they didn't get home until 10:30 lol.
But man... this season of TWD is INTENSE so far! Holy crap.

Anyway.. he's off today. We still haven't done anything b/c 3 out of 4 of us feel like shit. We should've gone grocery shopping but haven't. I really should've cleaned up Zoe's puke spot... but I haven't yet... (gross I know).... just a lot of stuff is on the backburner until I have more energy.

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