Saturday, October 24, 2015

And we're sick...

Oren, Zoe and myself are all sick. Poor Zoe had fallen asleep early the other night. Woke up right before we went to bed and threw up everywhere. Thankfully no more throw up, but she has been running a low fever since then. It's 9:30 and she's still sleeping. She woke up at 6 this morning for some water and laid in bed with me.
And Oren is super congested. Think his sinuses are draining and it's giving him this gawd awful sounding cough.
And myself... just have that overall BLAH feeling where one min I'm hot and the next I'm cold. Runny nose, slightly sore throat, and a headache.
Pretty sure we caught this at the fair. Could've been the zoo too I guess, but we touched a lot more stuff at the fair.

Not sure if we'll be taking Zoe to her first trunk or treat event this Halloween. It's at aunt's church and I just don't want to expose any other kids to this.
Anywho... yep.. that's what is going on here. Just sick and feeling like crap.

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