Monday, October 5, 2015

Let this be a lesson... prepare for emergencies!!!

So Zoe spent the night with aunt again. I was going to pick her up this morning, but MiL didn't want me driving or whatever. Fine... DH could get Zoe after work.
Get a call a couple of hours later saying that they're going to the store and I can get her there.
That's fine too.

So I go and holy crap.... there are SOOOOOOOO many people at the store trying to get supplies it is RIDICULOUS.
Seriously people?? It's not like this came as a surprise... we were warned for a week give or take a day that this was going to happen, yet people STILL didn't bother to get any kind of supplies.

Yes, the weather can change at the drop of a hat, and they warn things are going to happen and nothing major does. It happens a lot, but even in those situations, you should still take the warning seriously and prepare!

But nope.. these same people aren't going to do anything the next time either. They'll be the same ones rushing to the store, crowding it and panicking to buy any supply they can.

Just let this be a lesson people. PLEASE get yourselves a small stash of food and water and a few first aid items for a just in case emergency. Even if nothing ever happens, at least you have peace of mind b/c you'll know that you can just hunker down and won't need to go out in the mess and fight the crowd for supplies.
You never know when the next emergency is going to be... so start buying ASAP. Doesn't have to be all at once.
Just an extra pack of bottled water, few canned goods, maybe some rubbing alcohol and peroxide on your next grocery trip. And buy a little more every grocery trip. Things you'll eat before it expires, things that you don't need to use water for (or at least not a lot of water), and things you can eat straight out of the can. These things aren't expensive at all and can be stashed under your bed or in the back of your closet and out of the way.

Anyway.... just a friendly reminder to take warnings seriously and start your stash up.
You want enough supplies for at least a few days, but a week or more is best.

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