Thursday, October 8, 2015


So yeah, I haven't washed dishes since Sunday when the flooding happened and the dishes REALLY need to be washed. But with the boil water advisory going on.... I don't want to lol. I will tomorrow though. Will just have to suck it up, boil a ton of water and get the dishes done b/c BOY is the sink stank right now. *barf*

In other news... Zoe had an accident in her bed today. It's only the 2nd time it has happened and she has a one of those crib mattresses that have the water resistant layer outside so meh... just have to wash everything and it's all good.
She's been really good with going potty though. Usually don't have to ask her if she has to go anymore. She just does it. I do wish the potty depth was a bit deeper b/c the girl has some HUGE poops and it ends up brushing against her butt so it makes a huge mess lol... ew.

Had to go to the store yesterday for formula. We've been ordering Oren's Baby's Only stuff off of amazon b/c it's cheaper. But b/c of the bad weather it was delayed. I thought Baby's Only was more expensive, but no.... frickin Enfamil is like $5 more per can. YEESH.
It's giving Oren some gross loose poop now too, but whatever. It's feeding him and that is what matters.
We did get the package last night though so yay for that.

I think I'm ovulating today. I had some EWCM yesterday and was.... *ahem*... super 'in the mood'. DH was tired though so we didn't DTD. We haven't for a few days so I don't think there's any chance for pregnancy. Good for DH... boo for me lol. Oh well :P

Speaking of the bad weather... thankfully the sun came out on Tuesday and it's been clear skies since, but it has given people a false sense of safety. There are a lot of roads partially washed away and still threats of dams failing.
Frickin MORONS out on the road completely ignoring and going around barricades, then getting themselves killed or putting rescue workers in danger b/c they need to be saved.
Anyway... just morons thinking they're invincible. :\

And yeah... really nothing much going on. The house is a MESS right now. Dishes be funky, kids are good and so are we so.. yeah... we're good here for the most part :) heh

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