Friday, October 2, 2015

Booo weather!!!

So it seems that we're supposed to be getting an obscene amount of rain tomorrow... ya know.. the day of the convention I made the dress for... sigh.
Not sure if we're going to be able to go if it does rain how they're saying it's supposed to. We'll see.

DH is in Atlanta right now for work. He should be getting back later tonight.
I still haven't convinced him that we should have another baby lol. I just can't shake the feeling. I want another.... I love my babies so much... I just want one more. Really wish it hadn't taken us so long to have kids, but I know it's what was the best thing. We weren't ready to have kids when we were younger, and well.... we have 2 great kids now :)
But... it wouldn't have felt like such a rush to have more kids and we could've spaced them out more.

Oh well....

Speaking of that... this is some TMI grossness right here.
You know that slime goopy stuff you can buy for kids? Just gross slimy goo that stretches and feels kinda cold and wet.... well... I just used the bathroom and wiped away A LOT A LOT A WHOLE LOT of cm that was just like that stuff. I mean... just a whole frickin ton of it on the tp and some even plopped on to my hand as I was wiping (bleh). It was super duper thick too which I have never experienced before and felt just like that slime stuff kids play with. Just... yuck LOL.
So yeah... looks like my body is going to be ovulating soon. Don't think this is quite fertile CM.
Even if it was though... we can't do much bc DH has jock itch.... aka a yeast infection lol.
He'd be so mad if he knew I shared that bit of info but oh well. At least he thinks that's what it is. He's being a total guy about it and won't see a doctor... at least not yet.
He's had it for like, 2? weeks now and it's only getting worse and itchy and he's miserable. But noooo... lets wait and see what happens before just going to the damn doctor to get it checked out... sigh.
So yeah... unless it clears up within a few days... we won't be doing the deed or anything... not that we're actually trying though lol.

Alrighty.... still working on the costumes. I promise I won't forget to post photos when everything is done and we're all dressed up :)

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