Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How about no....

UGH.... ok this is going to make me come off as a huge bitch but... here goes...

One of DH's cousins wants to move to NY. She likes doing stage acting stuff and was offered a small part on some off broadway production so she wants to move to NY.
Great right? Well, problem is is that she has no money to move and so decided to start a GoFundMe donation page.

Just.... what? And No..... Maybe just maybe she should've been saving her money to begin with. She lives with her grandmother and pays for nothing so where her money goes is beyond me. Oh.... AND she has no license any longer b/c bitch got pulled over twice for DWI so had it suspended b/c she's an idiot.... so she's not paying for gas to get around to wherever. And I say bitch b/c seriously... you are one if you decide to drive after frickin drinking.

And DH's sister keeps sharing the link to her GFM page and all I want to do is post a giant LOL NO.... on it every single time.

And I should mention that she's almost 30yo.... and while living with her grandmother.. makes her grandmother do everything for her. Cook, clean, do her laundry, etc etc. Her grandmother is not in the best of health and can't move around easily. So yeah.... it's really not that surprising that she wants other people to give her money to move.
Just the nerve of some people.

Speaking of nerve of some people... DH's grandfather is a giant royal pain in everyone's ass, especially his mother.
Poor MiL is the ONLY child of his that is taking care of him. Nevermind that 2 of his other kids live right across the street. Sure the other 2 do have jobs, but that doesn't mean they couldn't come over and help out every once in a while.
Anyway... DH's grandfather is just being a giant dickface since his stroke. They think the stroke changed his personality some and also made him depressed. I get the depressed part.... but damn dude... stop lashing out at the one fucking child that is taking care of your ass.
Seriously.... he's gotten some bug up his ass and keeps telling her that she's worthless and that he's going to change his will and leave her with nothing b/c he doesn't like the way she spends money.
MiL is a bit of a hoarder.... I'll give him that, but WTF does it matter what she spends any money on after he's dead? Like it's going to matter to him after he's gone.
Just UGH.... it's so GD frustrating b/c she takes care of him so well and then has to just be burdened by his verbal abuse now and can't really say anything back to him.

Told DH that we need to get her a really good Christmas present. With everything that she's been having to go through.... she deserves something good.

DH's other sister (the older one that is pregnant), took all of our old baby clothes. Did I mention that already?
You don't realize just how much you have until it's all in front of you and BOY was there a lot lol.
She looked through some of it while here, but took it all back to MiL's house to sort through. She bought her own bins and from what MiL said, spent hours going through it all and sorting it. She took all of the clothes up to 6m and plans on having the larger size stuff mailed to her. Just so happy to help her out. Heck, we would've given her the rock n play, swing, bouncy chair.... everything if we could have lol. A lot of those clothes were only worn once, maybe twice.
I did have to keep 3 things though. Should've kept more, but oh well. I had to keep my most fav outfit that I first got with Zoe, had to keep Oren's awesome little brother onesie and erm... there was another one that I can't remember now lol.
Anyway.... I think she and her husband are in Illinois right now, house hunting. They have to move in February.. you know... the month she is due. :\ She's going to have a newborn baby and have to DRIVE from California to Illinois. YIKES. Thankfully newborns sleep a lot........ that's still going to be rough on them.
Anyway.... can't wait for her to finally have her baby. She's going to be such an amazing mom.
When she was looking through all of the clothes she was already talking about saving the boy stuff for when she has a boy. Awwww.... really hope she does have another :) She'll probably have to have it not too long after her first since she has some issues with endometreosis(sp?). Not sure how quickly that starts becoming a problem again after birth.
Anywho.... just so happy Zoe and Oren are getting more cousins :)

Oh Halloween was fun. We didn't do anything most of the day lol. But we all got dressed up and took Zoe to DH's churches trunk or treat thing. That was really cute. DH wants us to participate next year. I'm cool with that, but we need to come up with a good idea for it.
We left there pretty early, so we went and got something to eat, then came home and took Zoe around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Thankfully there seemed to be more people giving out candy this year. Not as many people driving around the neighborhood trick or treating though. Probably b/c last year was so bad.
But there were a good bit of kids walking around.
Still not what Halloween used to be like when I was little. Man... those were the good old days. Going out with a pillowcase b/c you actually needed that much room for all of the candy you were going to get. Now... you're lucky to fill up one little bucket.
But anyway... Zoe had a lot of fun getting candy and treats so that's what matters.
She keeps pretending to go trick or treating. Gives me stuff to put in to her basket lol.

We're all still sick here. Just really bad colds. I haven't been this sick in years. We're getting better, but still sick. Stuffy noses and in to that uncontrollable coughing stage.
So fun :\

Anywho... I think that's about it.
We're all sick, but still doing ok.

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