Friday, October 9, 2015

Yeah.... I suck

So someone just posted their before and after weight loss photos. You know who you are if you still come here and read this.
Seriously... she looks frickin AMAZING.
It just shows me though how uncommitted I've been to losing weight... or well.. for the most part. I know it's all a personal struggle journey and I really shouldn't compare myself to others, but still... it just depressed the hell out of me. I should be closer to my goal by now but no... I'm so flip floppy with everything and make SO many excuses to be bad.
UGH.... I suck :\

I'm still determined though. We've been pretty bad this week. Mostly from laziness but also b/c we're still under boil water advisory and the thought of washing dishes even in boiled water grosses me out. So we've been eating lots of sandwiches.
I should still be exercising though. I'm mostly done with my big project (need to add some details but meh....).... so I have no excuse other than just being lazy.

Nope... not again. I need to start back up. I need to take this awesome woman's success, use it as inspiration. She can do it and so do many others out there.... so can I!!! I'm not perfect... I'm going to have some shitty moments... some lasting longer than others, but I'm going to get to my goal!!

REALLY hoping our water is safe to use again by next week, but even if it's not and we're still eating junk... we're going to start exercising again. I wanted to finish up p90, but with how long we haven't exercised, DH convinced me that we should just start over from the beginning again. It makes since and that's what we're going to do.
I think if we started from the last 30 days.. it would burn us out and we wouldn't continue.
Also, I need to get bck in the habit of making a  meal plan again.
Again, DH suggested that we eat the same things every week with maybe a day of something different. That way it will be much easier to get whatever we need and less chance of cheating.
We can try it for a little bit and see what happens. Just need to figure out what to eat though.

SO yeah..... seeing this woman's success just showed me that... I need to stop with the excuses.. stop sabotaging my efforts and just keep it up. And I definitely can't let set backs keep me from continuing on. I'm not perfect.. I'm going to cheat.. there will be times I don't exercise b/c of laziness, but I'm going to keep going..... I'm going to be a success!! For my kids, for my vanity.... for my health.

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