Thursday, October 22, 2015


I have some anxiety issues and this shit is not helping.
My mom called earlier. Thought it was going to be the normal reasons... b/c she wants to see her grandkids or she needs me to get ahold of my brother for her for something.

NOPE.... she called because she wants us to take out a 30k loan for her so she can buy a house.
What? NO!!!
She along with a few other family have this weird idea that DH and I are swimming in money. Like we wipe our asses with hundred dollar bills or something.
Granted, she did say loan, but 30k? That's a lot of money. She is good on her word that she'll pay it back, but still... NO.
Would I like to help if I could? Sure.... but when it comes to money? No. It's not that I'm putting money over her by any means... it's just that if something were to go wrong..... we'd be SCREWED. My DH's credit would be the thing to be totally fucked up.
It's why she can't get the loan. B/c she did favors for others and they screwed her over.
Again, I don't think she would do that to us, but if something unexpected happened.... we would be the ones taking the hit like she did years ago.

I already told her not to expect good news once I talked to DH about it.
It makes feel horrible for saying no, but this is just too much. We have 2 kids to take care of and think about their futures and OUR futures.
Hell, my mom already used my name on her home without me even knowing. Lord knows what else is under my name. I don't even want to think about that shit.
Oh and of course she uses that as a plus. When she moves out of her apartment, we can sell it for 30k or something and keep the money! HA... no..... her apartment is not worth 30k... and even if it was.. no one in their right mind would pay that to live there...... no one.

Thanks mom for putting us in this shitty situation! We get to tell you No and feel guilty and like giant pieces of shit about it. Thanks so much for that!!

Am I wrong for feeling this way? What would you guys do?

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Lee Pinwill said...

I think you are right not to loan the $. It's a really large amount and you definitely have your kids to think of too. Maybe if you explain it to your Mum and emphasize the kids futures she might take it better? Or just tell her you simply can't afford it.