Sunday, October 11, 2015

Clean water would be nice

It takes about 3 and a half bottles of water to clean 3 bottles, 3 nipples, 3 bottlecaps. That's a lot of bottles for just that amount of things to wash. I refuse to use boiled water b/c while that may kill any bad bacteria, it's not going to get rid of any harmful chemicals that could still be in the water.
So yeah... I'm glad we started up an emergency stash b/c it's def coming in handy right now. Still though.... wish the water was safe to use already.
We've been eating sandwiches and eating out to keep from dirtying up anymore dishes and the ones in the sink REALLY need to be washed. So gross to leave them just sitting there b/c again.. I just refuse to use boiled water.
Washing in it... washing hands in it. I"m fine with... but ingesting it? No thanks.

While I've been enjoying eating sandwiches... it would be nice to be able to cook something if I wanted and be able to wash the dishes after.
Oh well.... minor-ish worry. It could've been worse here and I'm glad it wasn't.

Zoe had a monumental meltdown this morning. Good googly moogly she just had a screaming fit b/c I took the tablet away from her. She gets super frustrated with it b/c it will freeze or go off or whatever. So I told her to calm down or I was going to take it away. Her response was "No! It's mine!" Then proceeded to whine some more. Yeah... I wasn't having that so I took it away from her.
Cue the tantrum. Been making her go sit on her bed until she calms down and that just didn't go over with her well either.
Oh the joys lol....
She eventually started crying and carrying on b/c she had to pee, so I allowed her to come out and do it and she was fine after that.
I'm sure it's normal, but dang....I wish she wouldn't whine so damn much. Whining was annoying before kids, but now that I have one that constantly does it... holy hell! lol

Oren is doing well. He's cutting his top teeth right now. Or well, they're almost popping through.
He's been good though. Still army crawling and doing his baby yoga downward dog poses all the time.
He has his appointment later this week on DH's birthday. I'm sure he'll be getting a couple of shots then. Poor little guy doesn't know what's comin.
He loves Zoe though. Always, ALWAYS has a huge smile on his face when he sees her and follows her around the living room.
She loves him to death too. Maybe a little too much sometimes b/c she's sat on him, laid on him, rode him like a pony, and yeah......
She obviously doesn't understand that she could hurt him.
I think we got really lucky with our little monkeys and how much they adore eachother.
Of course that's right now though... who knows what they'll be like when they're older lol.

Oh and Zoe's cousin had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese this past Friday. First time there for Zoe and she loved it. It was SO loud and crowded though so it was difficult to get on any rides or play games. She still had a lot of fun...... so much so that she once again had a full on screaming tantrum when it was time to leave.

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