Sunday, October 4, 2015


Looks like my state is getting hit pretty hard by rain right now. Lots of flooding around this area. Thankfully we're ok here and outside looks like any other rainy day.
It rained here almost the entire week, then this weekend we got hit with just constant heavy rains which is causing flooding.
Pretty crazy, this doesn't happen here... or at least I don't remember this happening other than when we got hit by Hurricane Hugo years and years ago.

Thankfully though, it wasn't too bad yesterday and we were still able to go to the comic con. It was pretty fun, but we didn't stay that long. Just WAY crowded and my feet were getting torn up b/c I'm not used to wearing regular shoes and both kids were soaked b/c while we were waiting to cross the street, a truck rolled on up and splashed all of us pretty good lol. Poor Zoe and Oren were just soaked, but Oren was in a great mood anyway and Zoe got over it and really enjoyed seeing everyone in costume. We wanted to get her a balloon super hero that this guy was making but the line didn't move at all for the 30min we stood in it and Zoe was getting really restless. Oh well...

Here's a photo of us at home before we left :)
We bought Zoe a Darth Vader costume, but she didn't want to wear it at first so I put her Darth V shirt on w/ the skirt and leggings. Plus the costume was a bit too long for her anyway. Need to figure out how to shorten it a little. May cut the faux boot part off.
Oh and we took the cape from the costume and just safety pinned it to her shirt lol. It was just a simple look, but a lot of people at the con kept complimenting her and how cute she looked.
DH's costume is just a big pajama thing from Target lol. The mask is a paper mask from Target too. It came in a pack of 2 for $3.
You can't tell from this photo but Oren is Han Solo. I made his vest (it looks so crap up close lol), and we bought a button up white onesie for him and I added the red stripe to some sweat pants. He looked SO stinkin cute. :D
Really proud of my dress too. I don't think anyone realized what it was supposed to be but oh well. Wanted to keep it more simplistic, but guess I do need to add a few more details to it so it looks more like a Stormtrooper heh.
And I must say.... my hair didn't cooperate, but I was really happy with how my makeup turned out.
I haven't worn makeup in YEARS..or well, this amount. I seriously had makeup from when I was a teenager... a TEENAGER.... I'm 36!!! lol I threw away 90% of the makeup I had b/c it was so old lol.
Anyway... I bought a few things and managed to do it all pretty well following some youtube videos :) Managed a pretty winged liner with a smoky eye.

Here's a photo of Oren and DH at the con. You can see Oren's costume  bit better.

We'll be going to the Boo at the Zoo dressed up too and some trunk or treat things at Dh's church and aunts church. Will be having lots of fun :D

Already planning our costumes for next year's con/Halloween.
I want to do metal versions of Nightmare Before Christmas Characters. DH wants to do something goofy and dress as Saved By The Bell characters which I think would be hilarious lol. We'll see what happens :D
It was all fun though. It's mostly just a bunch of vendors selling their stuff. We bought some nice geeky car decals, but nothing else. Next year we'll spend more time at the event and enjoy it more..... hopefully with no threat of flooding ruining the mood heh.
And seeing all of the really cool cosplaying and how rewarding it felt to make my dress is making me want to get in to sewing more.
Doing it by hand kind of sucked, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and I would really like to make more clothes/costumes.

And DH finally went to see a doc. He went before the con to an Urgent Care.  His rash was an allergic reaction to something. No idea what, but he's looking a lot better now. So yay for that too :)

And my CM is definitely turning to EWCM and yep... we DTD last night for the first time in weeks :P It wasn't b/c I had cm or anything....we were just both wanting it since we hadn't done it in forever and his rash and other whatnots cleared up.
So yep.... let the TWW obsession start! I'm not sure I've ovulated just yet, but I think we're DTD close enough to it for there to be potential for some baby making going on.

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Mlove said...

Your dress is awesome! And that's a very handsome Hans Solo you've got there!