Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And here she is

AF has arrived. I was a little off to when I thought it would come but not much.
And this last cycle was long... 45days. I'm not complaining too much about that though. It's nice to actually have cycles and ovulate.
I actually had a tiny amount of spotting yesterday, but AF didn't actually start until I got up this morning. Literally got out of bed and gush.... ew.

Anywho! On to a new cycle and waiting to see if we get pregnant or not lol.
I had a dream last night that the other SiL found out she was pregnant and I just got AF in the dream and it broke my heart that I wasn't pregnant.
I'm not heartbroken now or anything, but I am a little disappointed. I really do want another, but like I've said... if it doesn't happen, then I am perfectly happy with my 2 amazing rugrats :)

OH! Oren had his checkup the other week. He was 20something pounds and I don't remember how tall he is. He's good though. He had 2 shots. Flinched for the first, and then flinched and cried a couple of seconds for the 2nd one lol. Aww.
Vaccines don't knock him out like they did for Zoe.

And yep... here are a few photos from the last couple of days! :D

At the fair

And at Boo at the Zoo last night

Zoe didn't want to wear her Darth Vader mask, but she wanted to wear the Zebra one she got :P
The last pic was from a magic show that they had going. It was the last show and pretty late so only a couple of kids there. She got to help the magician out... but as you can see... she was eyeballing the tube of candy the entire time lol.

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